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Top 11 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2022?

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fantasy cricket app in India

Over the past few decades, sports have made remarkable growth in India. There are several professional leagues that are organized like the Indian Premier League. Seeing the growth of the sport, there are numerous websites that introduced the concept of fantasy cricket apps for sports enthusiasts. Fantasy cricket allows cricket lovers to create their own virtual teams with real players and earn points according to the performance of those players in real matches. With sufficient knowledge and aptitude, people can decide the number of batsmen, bowlers, and their orders. The top 11 fantasy cricket apps of 2022 are mentioned below – 

Dream 11 

Dream 11 by far is undoubtedly the most popular and trending fantasy app in India. Dream 11 has a wide range of games apart from fantasy which you can choose to play. In this app, users can play a wide range of fantasy games like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. Dream 11 was founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth and currently has over 110 million active users per day. Dream 11 has several cricket superstars as their brand ambassadors like M.S Dhoni and Hardik Pandya. The best features of this app include daily contests and promotion which offers huge winning amounts to the users.  With a very minimum withdrawal limit this app claims itself to be the best fantasy apps in India

My 11 Circle 

This app claims itself to be the best app for the ones who are passionate about cricket fantasy. Sourav Ganguly, Shane Watson, Rashid Khan are its Brand ambassadors. The best feature that makes it unique from other fantasy apps is that there is no maximum withdrawal limit. Minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 100. LIke other gaming apps this app also rewards you for referring it to your friend. According to My Circle 11, this app has already distributed over Rs. 1 billion and has a daily active user base of 13 million. 

My Team 11   

This fantasy sports app development company has almost over 15 million downloads which is a very big milestone to achieve. Here, you can choose any of 9 different language options to play several games like cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, etc. Virender Sehwag is currently this app’s brand ambassador. It also has a very minimum withdrawal limit and referring bonus. Multiple contests are held every day which offers a big prize pool to its users amounting it to almost Rs. 5 million in daily winnings. 


This app has been recently introduced to us in the Indian fantasy scenario. Being Fan2play in its rapid growth stage, this app doest come in a set template. With its diverse and adaptive nature, this platform allows to create 3- player, 4- player teams while participating in 1v1 challenges apart from the classic 11- player contests. This app was developed by Fan2play games Pvt Ltd. in the year 2020. The most basic feature is that we can choose the challenge amount in 1v1 contests, team edits are unlimited, and many more. Last but not the least, the most unique feature is that it can create private challenges that can only be played by family members.

GMNG Fantasy

GMNG is now the fastest-growing online fantasy cricket application. GMNG provides it’s users the best online gaming experience which becomes very easy to use for the new players. There are several contests available at a time in which the user can join and create their team . You can earn a Rs. 10 bonus if you use the referral code and you can also use this bonus amount to participate in a bonus contest. Right now these days GMNG Fantasy is the most popular & organically grown app in the market.

MPL Fantasy

Because the MPL brand is so well known, esports and fantasy have been well known to the people. The contribution towards the growth of fantasy cricket by MPL is undeniable. If someone is ready to put in the effort, you can win a lot of money. By referring friends and family to the app, you can receive a Rs. 50 welcome bonus and earn upto Rs. 75 for each successful referral.With Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador this app becomes one of the most popular fantasy apps in India. Withdrawals are very fast in this app and you can also practice games to get trained for the main event. 


Ballebaazi has gained popularity recently. This gaming application is a product of fantasy sports app development in India. The most unique feature of this app is that it allows you to choose between bowling and batting fantasy. This app has much more to offer us. You can play several other arcade games in this app apart from fantasy like rummy, poker, and ludo can earn big rewards. This app used Paytm as its payment option and the minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 10

11 wickets

With Navneet Makharia as its CEO, this app was developed by Indian fantasy sports development company Ability Games Pvt Ltd.  This app offers several cash bonuses and referral benefits along with very low commission rates. You can select your backup player for the team in this app. Last minute selection is also available in this application. Withdrawals are fast and you can get live scores and user rank updates in real time. 


Fanfight is currently India, one of the most popular fantasy sports platforms with an active users of over 6 million on a daily basis. This app offers one of the best prize pools any fantasy app can offer. The best feature that makes it the most unique fantasy app is that it offers 20x winning in some contests and you  can use 100% extra cash from our app walet. In addition this app allows you to play several other games like football. Basketball, kabaddi and a lot more. It offers as much as Rs. 10 million on a daily basis and that too within a very short time. Withdrawal is as small as Rs. 250 


Khelchamps Fantasy Cricket

Khelchamp is a platform that allows cricket knowledge and prediction skills to form the perfect team and compete with thousands of others who have formed their own team around the country. Khelchamp is still in its early development stage and thus offers only two games of cricket and football. Big cash rewards are offered to those who win among the thousands. New users’ first time deposit can get them cash bonuses which they can use in their contests. Finally, its registration process is very easy i.e just one step registration 

Roto Bash – Rotobash has been newly launched in India and within a very short span of time it has already made its spot in the top 12 fantasy gaming apps in India. This app offers everything and something extra that a fantasy app offers like a wallet to record transactions, live ranking updates. Basically if you have knowledge and aptitude in cricket this is your go-to platform. As a sign up bonus this apps offers 100 roto credits to your wallet and offers 100 roto credits for every referral.