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Top 9 Fantasy Apps in India You shouldn’t Miss

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Fantasy Cricket Apps in India you shouldn't Miss

India considers cricket to be a religion, and fantasy cricket is the newest craze. Fantasy cricket applications have gained popularity in India as a result of the growth of the internet and cellphones. With the use of these applications, users can assemble teams made up of actual cricket players and compete against other users for monetary rewards. The added thrill of potentially winning money has made fantasy cricket even more attractive, allowing users to create their own teams and live out their cricketing fantasies.


Dream11 is ranked first among the popular fantasy cricket apps in India. In 2012, Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth started it. It is among the first fantasy-themed applications. The fantasy league platform dominates the industry with more than 100 million users. Dream11 offers a variety of cricket styles and challenge kinds where players participate in different tasks to earn cash prizes up to lakhs of rupees. After completing the KYC, you can withdraw the winnings into your bank account. Its USPs include challenges with monetary prizes, a diversity of genres, and the oldest fantasy apps.

  • User Base: More than 10 million
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs.200
  • App Size: 51 MB

First Games Paytm

One of the most popular fantasy gaming applications in India in 2022 is Paytm First Games. The public trusted Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador because he never promoted inferior goods that may hurt society. Users may win up to 1 crore per day in Paytm First games’ big rewards, as well as up to 5 crore per day in Paytm Cash. In addition to cricket, you may play many other games, including Ludo, Rummy, games from the action and puzzle genres, among many more.

  • UserBase: 25 Million
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs.50
  • App Size: 68 MB


Gamezy is a creation of Gameskraft Technologies, a unique super-app from India. With one significant exception, the app is identical to other fantasy sports apps and was launched in 2019 during the IPL.

Through 2nd Innings Fantasy & Live Fantasy competitions, users may now play constantly throughout a cricket match. Users get access to limitless, immediate withdrawals of prizes with 100% safe and secure transactions in a fraud-free app.

  • UserBase: over one million
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs.12,000
  • App Size: 41 MB

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Sport 11

The first of several fantasy games that are exclusively for cricket lovers is called Sport 11. The game’s creators are DNK Sports. The fantasy game has one of the fastest-growing user populations among cricket fantasy games since its launch. The game now has more than 2 lakh users.

  • user Base: over 2 lakh 
  • Sign Up Bonus:Rs.100
  • App Size: 6 MB


The team behind Online Poker platform developer 9 Stacks launched Faboom in 2019 with the goal of adding “FAB” to the extremely competitive cricket fantasy app industry. One of the fastest to be downloaded fantasy cricket applications is this one. With its rating structure, Faboom provides something distinct from the majority of cricket fantasy platforms, which ask users to choose a captain and vice-captain.

  • User Base: 3.8lakh
  • Sign Up bonus: Rs.100
  • App Size: 7 MB

My Team 11

Sanjit Sihag and Vinit Godara established My Team 11 in 2015, with former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag’s support. Both the website and the app may be used to play the game. Due to its availability in two languages, 24-hour support, Regular and Safe play (where players can join right before the first ball is played), and Regular and Safe play options, the game is highly popular. Additionally, users may participate in a single competition with up to 10 teams to improve their chances of winning. Available in Hindi and English, with 24/7 support, Regular Play, and Safe Play.

  • User Base: More than 10 Lakh
  • Sign Up bonus: Rs.125
  • App Size:11.6 MB


Sequoia-funded In the 7-8 months since its launch, Mobile Premier League has grown to one crore users, making it the nation’s fastest-growing e-sports platform. The numerous highlighted events, where victors have the opportunity to win phones, motorcycles, cameras, and other prizes, are to blame for the game’s rapid growth. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly and appealing design and enables players to withdraw their winnings right away via Paytm, UPI, or bank transfer. Virat Kohli, the captain of India, has begun serving as the game’s brand ambassador. One of the finest cricket apps for making money is this one.

  • User Base: more than 2.4 crore
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs. 75
  • App Size: 70 MB
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My11 Circle

My11 Circle

The My11 Circle fantasy cricket app, created by Play Games 24-7 creators Trivikraman Thampy and Bhavin Pandya, is focused on domestic and international cricket matches. Sourav Ganguly was chosen by My11Circle to serve as its brand ambassador. Dada offers people to participate in the Beat the Experts competition, where winners get X times their admission fee. Users will win three times their initial payment, for example, if X is 3. The value of ‘X’ changes for each game and series. One of the greatest applications for fantasy cricket is this one.

  • User Base: 1.3cr
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs.500
  • App size: 79.28



The app is for all cricket enthusiasts who are ready to become the captain of their team. Join thrilling contests using your cricket knowledge, strategy and top the leaderboard with your dream team. Users can engage in lively discussions with like-minded people and exchange insights about the match. With YU11 get ready to challenge yourself on every step. With your strategic moves outsmart the opponent and experience the joy of becoming the ultimate champion of YU11! 

You may join minor leagues, big leagues, and head-to-head leagues on the fantasy apps. Join the H2H leagues if you want to make twice as much money as you put in. It’s simple to win. nonetheless, because there are many experts joining the grand leagues, ranking is a bit tough; nonetheless, if your players perform well, you may rank in the top ten. If you come in first place, you will earn more than one lakh rupees.

  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs.35
  • Referral Code: YU1126788