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BGMI India Rising Series 2024 League Stage: Day 2

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BGMI India Rising Series 2024 League Stage: Day 2

The Upthrust Esports India Rising Series Eliminator Week 2024 Battlegrounds Mobile India was dominated by experienced teams on Day 2. Gujarat Tigers and Team XSpark were among the teams that won on Day 2. Global Esports won the competition with 96 points, three chicken meals and a total of 144. Team XSpark was in second with 60 points. Gujarat Tigers received one meal of chicken and 55 points as a reward for placing third. Marcos Gaming earned 47 points and a meal of chicken for placing fourth. GenxFM Esports finished fifth and scored 45 points.

The Upthrust Esports India Rising Series 2020 will feature 32 teams competing over three weeks for a prize of INR 15 Lakh.

Upthrust Esports BGMI India Rising Series Eliminator Week 2 Match Summary

Match 1 Miramar

Gods Reign wins the first match at Miramar with 23 points. Gods Reign’s Pawan “Shogun” Kumar won the MVP award for this game. Medal Esports and Team 8Bit both finished with 12 points. TCW Official finished in fourth place with nine points. Carnival Gaming finished fifth with 8 points. iQOO Soul, Blind Esports and Blind Esports eliminated themselves early without earning any points.

Match 2 Miramar

Team Forever took the win in the second game with a chicken dinner worth 15 points. Team Tamilas came in second with 14 points. Robin, in third place, scored 12 points. Of those 10, 10 were finishes. WSB Gaming finished fourth and earned 10 points. Armaan, a player from WSB Gaming, was named Most Valuable Players (MVP) for the game. Carnival Gaming placed fifth with 9 points. Hydra Esports, GenxFM Esports, and Carnival Gaming were all eliminated in the first round without scoring a single point.

Match 3 Miramar

GenxFM wins a chicken dinner with 23 points. SpiderJod, GenxFM Esports’ player who had five finishes in the game, was named MVP. Hydra Esports came in second after a display of aggressive gameplay, scoring 18 points (12 from finishes), and displaying an impressive amount of aggression. Revenant Esports tied with Uprising Rivals for the fourth spot, each scoring seven and 10 points. TCW Official was awarded five points as a result of placing fifth. Blind Esports, K9 Esports, and K9 Esports did not receive a single point during the first round.

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Match 4 Miramar

Marcos Gaming has won Miramar’s fourth match with 18 points. R Esports finished second with 12 points after a strong rotation. Global Esports, who finished third in the match, received 10 points. Slug, a Global Esports player who has five solo victories in the game, was named MVP. Orangutan earned nine points as a result of finishing fourth. Team XSpark placed fifth with 8 points. Team 0 lost early due to their 0 point score.

Match 5 Miramar

Global Esports took home a large chicken dinner with 25 points at Match 5 Miramar. Ninjaboi, a Global Esports player, won seven matches in a row by himself and earned the title of MVP for this match. Big Brother Esports secured second place with 14 points. Orangutan finished third, earning 11 points. Revenant Esports placed fourth with 8 points. Team Robin finished fifth, gaining seven points from their finishes. Chemin Esports and R Esports both got eliminated without earning any points.

Match 6 Miramar

Match 6: Erangel. With 18 points Rising Rivals took home a chicken dinner. Team XSpark came in second with 18 points. Sarangajyoti Deka, of Team XSpark, emerged as MVP with six finishes. Entity Gaming came in third with 11 points. Medal Esports, Team 8Bit, and Team 8Bit, who each scored seven points, finished in the fourth and fifth places. K9 Esports quickly eliminated themselves with only two points in their scoreboard.

Point Table

2TEAM XSPARK06144660
6GODS REIGN16133144
10TEAM ZERO16102434
11TEAM ROBIN0662834
12TEAM FOREVER16151833
13WSB GAMING0682533
14TEAM PSYCHE16171532

In addition to GenxFM Esports and other up-and coming teams, Global Esports Gujarat Tigers Team XSpark were also dominant on Day 2. Blind Esports, iQOO Soul, and other more experienced teams position themselves at the bottom of the rankings because they have not produced consistent results.

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