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Building An Optimum Team In Esports

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Building an optimum team in Esports.

Building an optimum team in Esports.

  • In this technology-driven generation of “gen z” games are not merely a form of enjoyment anymore.

Long games are the times when everyone used to treat screen games as a form of just time pass and enjoyment.

Not believing in us?? 

Once take a glance at the following statistics of the rise of Esports

Current scenario 

The global online gaming industry created 21.1 billion dollars in the year 2020 with an estimate of almost 1 billion gamers all around the world.

Currently, the Indian online gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace.

The gaming market of India is estimated to grow from 2.8 billion in 2022 to 5 billion dollars in just two years.

Despite this gigantic rate of growth, the share of Indian gaming space in the global market of gaming is very limited.

Our little initiative

All of us have seen the rise of the PUBG battleground during the pandemic phase in our country but many of the rising PUBG players of that time didn’t have any idea about the leagues or how they could monetize their skills by building a professional career, that’s one of the reasons why we are lacking behind the world in this revenue industry of large potential.

That’s our area of focus. 

We want to bridge the gap of this information void. This blog is our first step towards providing useful information to the motivated gamers of our country. 

If you are someone very much interested in starting off your esports career you have arrived at the correct location.


We have tried to assimilate all the knowledge needed to start off your career in the simplest language possible.

A bullet-point list of everything that you need to keep in mind while building your esports team is waiting downwards for you to read.

From the basic elements of a team to the world-renowned leagues everything has been covered in detail in this blog.

We will start off by understanding the elements needed to build a team in any sport.

So without wasting any further time in blabbering let’s dive into what you are reading this article for.

The Team 

In any team sport, there are roles assigned to various players of the team. The better the individual performs the duty assigned to them, the better the chances of securing the win.

The most important thing is the coordination between the team players when it comes to team sports.

A low-skilled team with better coordination and trust among players has more chances of winning as compared to a team of high skill and low trust.

All these rules are applicable to eSports as well.

So first we have to learn the different roles team members need to play to become a dominant strong team.

The Leader 

Every team needs a leader who can guide, strategize and take the final decisions when playing on the field.

The role of a leader includes:

  • distributing responsibilities to other players,
  • maintaining smooth coordination between team members,
  • ensuring the skills of each team member are used to their peak,
  • making tough decisions in critical situations,
  • thorough understanding of the game and tactics
  • Remaining cool and calm in tough situations and making the decisions right for the team without thinking of any personal motives.

Entry Fragger

Every team needs an entry fragger. He is the one who starts off an attack or leads the team from the front.

The role of an entry Fragger includes:

  • Leading the team from the front toward their destination
  • Starting off the attack on opponent players 
  • Disguising the opponent team in the wrong direction so that other members of the team take advantage and move forward.
  • Leading his/her teammates to safe and attacking positions while taking the risk of enemy teams ahead of himself.

Entry Fragger or tank should be a person who is courageous and has a thorough understanding of the map and secured positions in the game. He should be strong-willed and can move with light flashing speed in the field.He/she needs to stop caring about individual statistics for the greater good of the team.


A lurker is a silent player, who instead of participating in the game silently observes the game and gathers the information.

The role of a lurker in a game:

  • Observing the movement of opponent teams.
  • Collecting in-game information about secured locations, attacking positions, and potential threats.
  • Providing useful information to the team members just like a messenger in real-world wars works.


One of the most crucial players in a game. Sniper is the Trump Card of the team leader.

The role of a sniper includes:

  • Shooting an enemy from a distance.
  • Covering up team members when they are moving forward in the game from a distance base.
  • Finding hide covers and quick routes to switch positions from one base to the other.


A supporter is a player who can do anything, just like an all-rounder in cricket.

A jack of all trades master of none.

The role of a sniper includes:

  • Covering up the Entry Fragger when he is going in front at the start of the game.
  • Providing assistance to any member of the team who is in trouble 
  • Handling stuff that can be used later in the game and carrying everything that’s needy is his job.

Now that you are aware of the different roles for which you have to select players. We can start off our journey by selecting your teammates.

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Selecting players 

For selecting players you need to keep in mind two basic things:

  • Your niche
  • Your budget 

Types Of Games:

Different esports genres need different kinds of skill sets and thriving in such games requires a tactically strong team.


MOBA games stand for multiplayer online battle arena games. It involves two teams competing in a designated area or battlefield.

Within these games, each character possesses a unique set of abilities that can be enhanced as they advance in the battle and acquire power-ups. 

Well-known MOBA games include League of Legends, Dota 2, and Battlerite.

First-person Shooter Games:

FPS games, stand for first-person shooter games. The reason behind the name is that these games are characterised by their utilisation of a first-person point-of-view camera, placing the player directly in the perspective of the controlled character.

Typically, the character is equipped with a firearm or other weaponry. 

Prominent examples of popular FPS games include Halo, Call of Duty, and Pubg.

Real-Time Strategy Games:

RTS games, also referred to as real-time strategy games, offer players the opportunity to compete in a dynamic environment where actions occur in real-time, unlike turn-based strategy games where the action pauses after each player’s move.

In RTS games, four key components are commonly found: buildings, technology, resources, and units.

These elements contribute to the strategic gameplay experience. Age of Empires, Company of Heroes, and Total War are among the well-known and widely played RTS games in the gaming community.

Select a game according to your interest and then later build your team according to that particular niche.


If you have money to pay for equipping players then you can start off by keeping trials and selecting experienced professionals.

If you are just starting off in the professional arena then we would recommend you to pick local amateur players who are aspiring for playing professionally. They must be decent at their games if not excellent. Skills can be learned later but the passion and curiosity to play can’t be taught, look for these qualities when making your own team.

Build a Local Team 

Instead of looking for great players across the nation, start with the best players in your local areas.

We are saying this because when you are just starting you don’t want to travel across states to participate in tournaments, what you want is to participate in local tournaments first and if you have a local team then your coordination with the team will be much better than selecting a team with players around the nation.

Also later for creating your team as a brand, you can use this local geographical area to name your team and represent your area globally.

Look For a Solid Hardware

A good solid esports team is incomplete without having proper gaming hardware. Having strong hardware provides your team an edge against competitors in local tournaments. The coordination between the team members is enhanced and fewer glitches occur during the game of a team with strong hardware.

Yes, we understand your problem that initially purchasing this hardware can be quite rough for your pockets. That’s why we have added ways through which you can try to gather money.

Sort Out Your Budget 

Money plays a crucial role when you try to build a team. You have to take care of the salary of teammates and coaches. The whole burden of organizing trips with all travel expenses included to participate in local tournaments comes on your shoulders.

The best advice we would like to give you is to make a thorough Excel sheet of expenses detailing each minor expense. It gives you an idea about how much you need to have in order to start a team and believe us it will be much more than you anticipated.

You must have at least a budget of one year in order to start off a team.

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Local Tournaments

Now as your team is ready with proper hardware, you need to start practising together and what could be a better way to practise than to participate in local-level tournaments?

Participating in real-time tournaments gives you a complete picture of your mistakes and lack of coordination between the players which you can work upon.

Whether or not you have won the tournament, reviewing your game is the most crucial part you must do to improve your game.

As the games are played locally your travel expenses and stay expenses are minimised.

Also, you can utilise competitive gaming platforms where your team will play against other proper teams in a third-party platform.

Both ESEA and FACEIT have expanded their league offerings to encompass various games, including the immensely popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

FACEIT also features a team-based play system akin to ESEA, providing CS: GO players with another avenue to participate and showcase their skills.

After winning dozens of such tournaments you are eligible to showcase yourself as a local brand and gain sponsors for the level-up tournaments.

Establishing Yourself As A Brand and Gaining Investors

Once you start gaining popularity and reputation in the local leagues.

Now you can establish your team as a local brand that can represent your local area globally.

This branding strategy will help you to gain investors who will be willing to sponsor you as an eSports team representing their local area at a bigger level.

Try to create a sense of belonging in the heart of the viewers by standing for a viewpoint that most of the audiences can relate to, this will help you in gaining your own fan base.

It is better to hire social media marketers and graphic designers who understand this niche and they’ll help you out in growing your business.

Participate in Higher-Level Tournaments

Once you have grabbed sponsorships and money enough to participate in higher-level tournaments, why waste a single second after establishing yourself as a dominant contender in the local arena?

Participating in high-level competitions serves as a valuable means to solidify the legitimacy of your eSports team. Certain teams have risen to stardom within the eSports realm through their victories or impressive performances in tournaments or leagues.

Hire a Legitimate Esports Agent and Start Building Your Business 

As the level of tournament increases the technical aspect in contracts and other terms and conditions increases, to navigate you through this maze it is better to hire an eSports agent who can settle all your matches and tournaments and can potentially look for investors.

Apart from this, start working to build your separate fan base by live on streaming platforms and by social media marketing, this will help in gaining potential wealthy investors.

Take Care of Your Teammates

Strategizing and playing games in front of a screen is very exhausting and can affect the health of the team members drastically.

As the leader of the team it’s your responsibility to keep your team members in their best state both mentally and physically.

A lot of practice before the main game can result in tiredness which can cause lack of attention span during the match.

Also it is extremely important for gamers to take care of their eyes. It’s easy to take your eyesight for granted and overlook the potential consequences of prolonged hours spent gazing at LED screens, day after day, week after week.

What all gamers may not be aware of is that LED screens emit a form of light known as Blue light, which is a high-energy, short-wavelength wavelength naturally present in the visible light spectrum.

Extended exposure to Blue light can pose risks to the eye health of gamers. Nevertheless, equipping yourselves with a reliable pair of gaming glasses can significantly mitigate the effects of Blue light on your eyes. 


Building an optimum esports team requires a strategic and thoughtful approach.

We have explored various factors that contribute to team success, including player selection, communication, roles and responsibilities, and practice. By following these principles and dedicating themselves to continuous growth, esports enthusiasts can build their teams from scratch. Together, let us shape the future of esports and propel it to even greater heights.

Why wait ! 

Start building your esports team right now.