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Exploring The E-Sports in India: A Journey So Far

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Exploring -Esports -In -India

It is undeniable that almost everyone is a sports lover irrespective of their age. In the past decade the world has seen the introduction of a new form of sport that fills the gap of those who are not into cricket and football. Thats how the esports in india begins.

According to a survey, the most popular event in esports in India is undoubtedly the League of Legends. It held the largest event each year and the best teams from all the regions participated to claim themselves the best team in the world. 

The Emergence of esports in India

Video games performed at a very competitive level are known as esports. In October 1972, the Stanford Lab conducted a LAN tournament for the Spacewar Championship, which marked the beginning of eSports. The origins of esports in India date back to 2015, when the term was first included in the Oxford Dictionary.

Compared to the previous ten years, the Indian esports market is no longer the same. Over the last ten years or so, the esports business in India has grown astronomically. Since the advent of esports and e-gaming in India, playing video games once viewed as a juvenile pastime and waste of time can now be viewed as a career.

India has been a huge market for esports since the last decade. Investors from all over the world and even in India are investing their bulk in this industry.

Popular esports Games Among Indian Gamers

The games which are played in esports can be mainly categorized as MOBA(Multiplayer online battle arena), First and third-person shooter, Battle royales etc. 

Whenever in India we talk about esports the first game that comes to our mind is Battlegrounds Mobile India ( Indian version of PUBG ). But esports can be traced way back to the 2010s. Some of the first competitive games which were considered to be part of esports were none other than DOTA 2, CS GO, FIFA STREET and some others. But at that time esports was confined to personal computers only. Later with the introduction of games like Clash Royale, Clash of clans, Mini militia and many such games, esports became popular in mobile phones too. 

The reason why BGMI got so much popularity in  all the esports games is because of its platform. Mobile phones are comparatively a lot cheaper than personal computers and can be easily afforded. Thus it attracted the youth of India especially the age group of 17-25. Later in the 2020s, several new games like Call of duty mobile, clash of titans etc. came into the scenario but after the unban of BGMI it again got the hype of the crowd. 

Why You Need to Know About eSports 

Esports is an umbrella term and several domains come under its purview.These days, esports in India have become a global phenomenon with no signs of slowing down. Millions of people watch the tournament online at home, while thousands of supporters assemble at the stadium to cheer on their favourite players. In order to build your career in esports, top notch level dedication is needed just like traditional sports.

If you want to be one of the best players in esports, you need to start practising as soon as possible. The poll estimates that an esports player has to practise for up to 10 hours a day. The primary difficulty that competitive players deal with most frequently is related to physical health conditions including spondylitis, arthritis, and neck discomfort. Their performance suffers as a result since it is harder for them to play when they have joint discomfort. Esports teams have managers and coaches to help them on their travels to LAN venues and other locations, much like conventional athletes do. 

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Future Trends in E-Sports: India’s Outlook

The emergence of eSports in India as a viable professional path was not coincidental; rather, it was fueled by a number of reasons, including the development of 5G, the ease of internet access, and extensive promotion and investment in the industry. It is possible to discuss eSports’ broad potential in India in the years to come. The Olympic Council of Asia voted to accept eSports as a medal event for 2022, and it was just revealed that eSports will also be considered as a showcase event for the Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024.

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ESports encompasses more than just competitive gaming. As a content developer, an eSports athlete may make a significant amount of money. The money received from sponsorship agreements, superchats, contributions, and brand promotion is also totaled. In order to assist the game creators in resolving various problems and glitches, players are also granted access to test the game’s beta edition.

Games Under Esports  

Esports consists of a lot of games ranging from battle royale to fps games. Here are list of some popular esports in india

League of legends 


It was first introduced by Riot Games. It is a multiplayer online battle arena game in which two teams each having a 5v5 structure fights against each other to claim victory. The game basically consists of 6 types of heroes namely  assassins, fighter, tank, mage, support, marksmen or combination of any two. The players choose heroes according to their playstyle. For example marksmen have the highest damage and the tank can take the highest damage. These heroes are then chosen by the players and they play in a single map. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India 


Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched in India in mid 2021. It became popular in  India within a small amount of time.  It was released in August 2020 as a Players Unknown Battlegrounds mobile game replacement following the game’s prohibition in India. The game basically is battle royale type where a total of 100 players can join the lobby at a time. There are three types of gameplay: solo, duo and squad. These players are then put on a survival island where they fight amongst each other for survival. 

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The last squad or the last team to survive at this island gets a “Chicken Dinner” which is a sign of clear victory. There are several modes which the gamer can choose in order to play like classic, arena, payload and many more. There are 4 large maps ( Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi ) and 2 small maps ( Karakin, Livik ). Players can choose maps according to their choice.

Clash Royale 


Another of the most played games in esports is called Clash Royale. The player may readily adjust to the game’s really basic foundations. Our goal in this game is to assemble the strongest army and defences we can. The beginning of a competitive campaign occurs when you must engage in combat with others worldwide. There are several types of troops in the army, including giants, goblins, and archers.

When did Esports Come into India?

The inception of eSports in India dates back to the early 2000s, when the nation saw a proliferation of LAN gaming cafes. Enthusiastic gamers may congregate in these cafés, play cooperative games, and begin engaging in friendly tournaments

Who are the popular esports games in India?

Dota 2,Fortnite,BGMI, League of Legends , FIFA are the popular esports games in india

When did BGMI come to India?

In July 2021, Krafton introduced BGMI in India, over a year after the country outlawed PUBG because of geopolitical concerns. In July 2022, BGMI reached 100 million registered users in India, a year after its inception