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GodLike Esports won BGMI Champions Gala Season 1

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GodLike Esports won BGMI Champions Gala Season 1

GodLike Esports won BGMI Champions Gala S1

GodLike Esports was crowned champions of the BGMI Champions Gala Season 1 for their outstanding performance at this event’s Grand Finale. Jelly led brigade collected 168 point, 100 eliminations, and four Chicken Dinners. Team Jelly won Rs 2 lakhs in prize money, as well the Fan Favourite Team Award worth another Rs50,000. Jonathan was awarded the Fan Player Title of Rs.50,000.

The team earned 162 points with 82 of them being eliminations. On the final day, the BGMI Gala Season 1, the team won four Chicken Dinners. Maxy claimed 34 finishers as their star. This team was awarded a prize money of Rs1.25 Lakh.

After a few shaky games, Team Soul dropped to the third position with just 144 and 3 Chicken Dinners. Manya led club received Rs 75,000. Spower was awarded the Most Valuable Player prize of Rs50,000. His teammate Nakul and he each took 39 and 29, respectively.

BGMI Gala Champions Season 1, Finals: Overall Standings

  1. GodLike Esports – 168 points
  2. Team Tamilas – 162 points
  3. Team Soul – 144 points
  4. Carnival Gaming – 132 points
  5. Reckoning Esports – 130 points
  6. Hydra Esports- 119 points
  7. WSB Gaming – 110 points
  8. Team XSpark – 102 points
  9. Team Aaru – 101 points
  10. Orangutan Gaming – 92 points
  11. Revenant Esports – 71 points
  12. Medal Esports – 70 points
  13. Team Zero – 69 points
  14. Global Esports – 63 points
  15. Hyderabad Hydras – 62 points
  16. Alibaba Raiders – 41 points

Carnival Gaming was fourth place with 132 point and 1 Chicken Dinner. The BGMI-led Omega squad performed well, earning a place in the top five. The fifth-placed Reckoning Esports team finished with 130 and 2 Chicken Dinners. Hydra, which recently signed Dreams as a player, finished sixth with 119.

WSB Gaming the Skyesports Champions Series winner finished seventh with 110, Team XSpark came in at number eight with 102, and Team Aaru was ninth with 101.

Orangutan Gaming (led by BGMI professional Ash) came in at ninth with 92 and Revenant Esports followed them. In the Grind competition, the latter squad won the overall table.

Medal Esports (Team Zero), Global Esports (Global Esports) and Team Zero each accumulated 70 and 69 points. Hyderabad Hydras finished as the two bottom teams with 62, 41 respectively.

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