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OR Esports Shuts Down in India, says Robin

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OR Esports shuts down in India Says Robin

OR Esports Shuts Down in India

Player Robin “Robin” Shekhawat of OR Esports has verified the rumour that the company is ending its activities in India, which has been going around a lot. At the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series: BGMI, this information was disclosed in an interview after the game when commentator Amrit “Fyxs” Gourav asked about the rumour.

Robin Post-Match Interview : OR Esports to Close Its Doors in India

Fyxs had told Robin about the rumour going around that OR Esports could close its doors in India during a post-match interview.

With the thought that this may be the squad’s last tournament under the organisation, Fyxs then asked whether the team wanted to make an announcement.

Robin said, “Yes, OR Esports is closing down its operations in India,” in response to Fyxs’ query.

He went on to say that the team was eager to investigate fresh prospects and that their competition performance will increase their potential in the future.

Our potential will be more widely recognised the better we perform. I thus have no problem with using a different organization’s name or representation,” Robin said.

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OR Esports shuts down in India Says Robin

The Heritage of OR Esports

With its collapse, one of the most prominent and prosperous esports companies in the Indian BGMI scene comes to an end. It was called OR Esports.

Having won many tournaments and amassed a respectable $237,223 in earnings over the previous four years.

OR Esports has established itself as a major player in the business since its founding in 2019.

One of OR Esports’ important accomplishments was placing second in the PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East

A proud representation of India on the international scene.

India’s standing in the highly competitive PUBG Mobile community was enhanced by this incredible achievement

Which also gave honour to the organisation.

But in recent years, OR Esports has struggled to retain its competitive advantage, even with its impressive prior successes.

In recent tournaments, the organisation did not play up to the lofty standards it has set for itself.

For its players and staff, OR Esports’ shutdown means the end of one chapter but also opens them new possibilities.

See whether any organisation signs the full squad or if it breaks apart would be intriguing to watch.

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