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PUBG Global Series has brought back a fourth edition that promises a fierce and thrilling competition. PGS 4 takes place in Shanghai from the 3rd to 9th of June. There will be 24 teams competing to win the $300,000. There will be a competition to gain PGS points.

PGS4 Tournament Structure

PGS4 will be delivered in the same way. Learn more about PGS 4 if you don’t know.

The Group Stage

Group Stage: The first part of PUBG Global Series. Three groups of teams: A B C will compete for three days.

  • Day 1 – A & B Groups
  • Day 2 – B & C Groups
  • Day 3 – C & A groups

There will be six games played every day. Top 16 teams will qualify for the Final Stage. The bottom 8 teams are eliminated.

The final stage

Following a one-day rest period, 16 teams are left to compete for the championship.

  • Final Stage consists of a 3-day tournament with 6 matches played per day.
  • In PUBG 4, the team that finishes first in the final ranking is crowned champion.

Map Order

2 classic maps are feature in this tournament which is Erangel and Miramar. Taego and Vikendi are also included in the tournament to give players a different tactical and strategy experience. As the terrains are different, teams will have to adjust their strategies.

Participating Teams

PGS 4 is a mixed tournament with 10 partner teams around the world, 14 winning teams of previous PGS events and top-ranked team. This is the complete list of participants:

AMERICAS – PUBG Americas Series

  • Soniqs – Global Partner Team
  • Team Falcons
  • TSM
  • Legacy

EMEA Championship PUBG EMEA

  • FaZe Clan – Global Partner Team
  • Twisted Minds Global Partner Team
  • Natus Vincere – Global Partner Team
  • HOWL

APAC Qualification

  • CERBERUS Esports Global Partner Team
  • Daytrade Gaming Global Partner Teams
  • BLEED Esports
  • eArena
  • Armory Gaming
  • Valee Thai Esports


  • 17Gaming’s Global Partner team
  • Four Angry Men – Global Partner Team
  • Petrichor Road – Global Partner Team
  • NH-Esports


  • Gen.G – Global Partner Team
  • Dplus KIA
  • GNL E-Sports

The Prize Pool and the Points

The final rankings will determine the prize money that each team receives and these points are important for those teams aiming to get into the prestigious PUBG world championship. PGS adds an extra level of competitiveness as every match has a huge impact on final rankings.


PGS 4 broadcasts will take place live around the world. Matches will be live on across all the platforms. This broadcast includes expert commentary, in-depth analysis and behind-the scenes content. This will be a very rich experience for viewers.

PGS 4 promises to be memorable, as the top teams from around the globe are ready to take part. Watch out for intense battles royales, and cheer on your favourite team in its quest to glory and win at PUBG 4. PGS 4 offers a fantastic event to casual as well as hardcore gamers.

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