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Team GodLike unveils iQOO BGMI India League 2024 roster

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Team GodLike

Team GodLike unveils iQOO BGMI India League 2024 roster.

For the iQOO BGMI India League 2024, which will start on February 22, 2024, Team GodLike has revealed their five-man roster. The organisation has notably declared Apollo’s inclusion. It has been more than a year since this beloved squad placed third in a big competition. As a result, they want to do better in the next competition.

Apollo participated in both the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series and the iQOO Pro Series with the Gujarat Tigers. In 2023’s second half, he participated in games for Revenant Esports. Over the last three years, the famous athlete has often shown amazing gameplay. Apollo’s current goal is to assist his newly formed squad in improving their game and winning the next tournament.

Team GodLike’s Updated Lineup:

  • Jonathan – Jonathan Jude Amaral
  • Zgod – Abhishek Choudhary
  • Jelly – Gunjan Thakur
  • Aditya – Aditya Mathe
  • Apollo – Nishant

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As the headliners of the 2023 edition of the iQOO BGMI India League, GodLike has been extended a straight invitation to participate in the tournament in 2024. But at that particular tournament, this squad consisted of just Zgod and Jonathan from the present roster. At the end of 2023, Jelly and Aditya joined the company.

The three-day iQOO India League will take place at the Noida Indoor Stadium on February 22–24. There will be 16 teams and 18 matches in the competitive tournament. This BGMI event will use a 10-point scoring system. A ₹40 lakh cash prize pool will be out for grabs.

At the ESL Pro Series 2024, Team GodLike was not successful in earning a berth in the LAN Finals of that competition. Apollo has now been a member of the squad to improve performance.

Jonathan, their star player, hasn’t been seen in his best for a while. Aditya and Zgod have also struggled in a number of competitions. A return is what these players are aiming for at the next iQOO tournament.

In addition, GodLike is getting ready for the Skyesports BGMI Champions Series. Starting on February 28, the group headed by Jelly will compete in the Semifinals. The official Battleground Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 will be the squad’s primary focus in addition to these other competitions. March is when this event is anticipated to start.

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