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IPL 2024: Playoff Scenario of RCB

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RCB Playoff

Not too long ago, it was announced that Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) will be one of the first teams to be formally eliminated from the Indian Premier League (IPL) playoffs in 2024. With the two-time runner-ups winning their fifth straight game on Sunday, they are now squarely in the heart of things in the hunt for the top four.

RCB defeated the Delhi Capitals by defending a target of 188, which is quite an accomplishment given the kind of scores that have been routinely tracked down this season. As a result, they moved up to fifth place in the league rankings. They are currently breathing down the necks of Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings, sitting only two points behind fourth place. They performed so poorly in the first half of the season that some fortunate outcomes were required for them to qualify, but now they do have some control over some aspects of their destiny.

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Reasons Why RCB Might Be Rooting for a Loss for SRH and LSG


RCB has absolutely no control over this portion of the equation. With 14 points from 12 games, Sunrisers Hyderabad is ranked fourth, while RCB has 12 points from 13 games. If RCB wins their next game and SRH loses, the latter team may move up to fourth place because of their superior net run rate. But the Lucknow Super Giants, who are tied with them in points but have the game in hand, are another team that RCB needs to be cautious about. Because they are not up against either LSG or SRH, their best-case scenario would be defeats for both of them, which is why they have no control over this circumstance.

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What’s in the hand of RCB?

Since they would be playing two teams with higher points than them in the same number of games, it may be all over for RCB if LSG and SRH win their upcoming games. But if one or both of them lose, Saturday’s league finale between RCB and Chennai Super Kings at home becomes an explosive semifinal elimination match. With 14 points, CSK is in third place, just two aheadfor now. Their 0.528 net run rate is marginally higher than RCB’s. It implies that RCB might guarantee their own status in the top four if they win that game. Furthermore, CSK could withdraw from the tournament if SRH defeats Gujarat Titans on Thursday before that.