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10 Most Dangerous Bowlers in the World

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Most- Dangerous -Bowlers -in -the -world

Cricket is said to be a Gentleman’s game and always said to be in the favour of the batsman. But you can move ahead in a game with your batsmen but a bowler always lets you come back in a game. So today we will talk about the charisma in the hands of the bowlers. The art of bouncing balls,the swinging deliveries, the seam-up balls and the deadliest ‘the perfume ball’ and who are the dangerous  bowlers in the world .

Cricket’s renowned bowlers have captivated spectators with their bowling ability, continuously leaving an enduring impression on the sport. Throughout their bowling careers, these bowlers have consistently displayed greatness, making a lasting impact on cricket fans.

List of 10 Most Dangerous Bowlers in Cricket:

Jasprit Bumrah( India)

In this era, who ever thought that with that small run-up and  that unorthodox action any bowler can throw missiles at the pitch like Bumrah with that accuracy. Being the first bowler in Indian cricket history currently he has been ranked No.1 bowler across all formats.

Since making his debut in 2016, he has developed into one of the world’s top bowlers. Throughout his incredible career, Bumrah has put on a number of excellent shows and records that highlight his extraordinary ability to execute brilliantly under pressure.

FormatMatchesRuns Givenwickets5-W haulBest record

Shane Warne ( Australia)

The Australian spin magician who was called the wizard of spin later down in his career.

His incredible ability to turn cricket balls brilliantly and fool even the most skilled batsman marked his outstanding career. The talented player became a cricket legend because of his exceptional leg-spin and endearing attitude. 

FormatMatchesRuns Givenwickets5-W haulBest record

Sohaib Akhtar( Pakistan)

The Deadly “ Rawalpindi Express” had produced a terror in the mind of batsmen with his deadly bouncer and aggressive run-up. With the t record of the fastest ball of 161.3 Kmph.

This Pakistani bowler had never shown any mercy to their opponents till the end of his career. With a 16 five wicket haul he ended his glorious career. Debuted in international cricket in 1997 and ended his career in 2011. 

FormatMatchesRuns GivenWickets5-W haulBest Record

James Anderson ( England)

The 41 year old youngster and the “Burnley Express” . He is one of the renowned bowlers in the history of cricket known for his swing with the new ball and for his longevity. 

Anderson’s impressive career is distinguished by his ability to swing the ball with ease in both conventional and reverse directions. With exceptional precision and a sharp cricketing intellect, this gifted athlete has become England’s all-time top wicket-taker by perfecting the art of fast bowling.

FormatMatchesRuns GivenWickets5-W haulBest Record

Malcom Marshall ( West Indies)

This  Windies  is recognised as the one of the most accomplished bowlers in the modern era of cricket. He is also known as “Blackwash”. He was a member of the 1983 World Cup team who played in the finals. 

Marshall was admitted to the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009. He was included in an all-time Test World XI by Wisden to commemorate 150 years of the Cricketers’ Almanack.

Even Brian Lara’s heart pounded hard while facing him in domestic cricket. His quick and skiddy balls are deadliest to the batsman to face.

FormatMatchesRuns GivenWickets5-W haulBest Record

Dale Steyn ( South Africa)

One of the best fast bowlers in African cricket history is the former player Dale Steyn, who played for South Africa. He was admired all around the world for his ability to move the ball in both directions with speed, skill, and intense aggression. He has dominated batsman skills in all game types with his precise line and length and powerful bouncer. Steyn has been the backbone of South Africa’s speed attack for many years due to his relentless competitiveness and relentless pace, which make him a real match-winner.

FormatMatchesRuns GivenWickets5-W haulBest Record

Muttiah Muralitharan( Sri Lanka)

Most people agree that Muttiah Murlitharan, a former cricket player from Sri Lanka, is the best spinner of all time. Over the course of his 18-year career, he played for many club teams as well as Sri Lanka. Muralitharan was one of the most potent and controversial bowlers in cricket history because of his double-jointed arm movement. Muttiah received criticism, but he persisted in turning up really remarkable achievements in the game of cricket, winning admiration from all across the world. With 800 wickets in test cricket he is the highest spinner to take that many wickets in the history of cricket. 

FormatMatchesRuns GivenWickets5-W haulBest Record

Latish Malinga ( Sri Lanka)

Former Sri Lankan cricket legend Lasith Malinga is well-known for his unconventional sling-action bowling technique and his extraordinary capacity to throw accurate yorkers at speeds never thought possible. His powerful round-arm motion made him a formidable opponent in balling. The brave athlete was given the moniker “Slinga Malinga” because of his toe-crushing yorkers. There is no denying the influence his aggressive performances have on the realm of international cricket.

FormatMatchesRuns GivenWickets5-W haulBest Record

Breet Lee

The deadliest bowler with a clean action and a perfect run up is rare to see in cricket history. Known as the world cup hunters he was part of the 2003 , 2011, 2007 world cup team and 2006 and 2009 champions Trophy. A key member of the Australian squad. Brett could swing the ball, move at a quick speed, and bounce out of all types of surfaces. 

FormatMatchesRuns GivenWickets5-W haulBest Record

Kagiso Rabada

One of the world’s top fast bowlers, Kagiso Rabada is a South African cricket player. He played in limited overs cricket for South Africa before making his debut in test cricket in November 2015. He made his international debut in November 2014. Rabada is well-known for his accuracy, velocity, and ability to swing the ball in his right-arm fast bowling technique. By 2018, the gifted player, who was 22 years old, had risen to the top of the ICC ODI and test bowling rankings.

FormatMatchesRuns GivenWickets5-W haulBest Record

Final Words 

If we move forward the list will continue and will go on. Cricket has produced many bowlers who are the contenders to be in the list. As I said in the beginning, batsmen can take the game away from you but it’s always those ten good deliveries that end the match in your favour. So, these are the dangerous bowlers in world cricket.


Q- Who bowled the fastest ball in international cricket?

A- Sohaib Akhtar has bowled the fastest bowl in the history of cricket.

Q- Who is known as the wizard of the spin?

A- Shane Warne is known as the wizard of spin.

Q- Who holds the  record of most test wicket records in test cricket?

A- Muttiah Muralitharan with 800 test wickets holds the record.

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