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Police Snipers Deployed for India-Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024

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Police Snipers Deployed for India-Pakistan T20 World Cup After ISIS Threat

India will take on Ireland in their Group A match at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium on Wednesday to kick up their Twenty20 World Cup campaign. The freshly built temporary stadium will host seven more games before hosting its debut international encounter on Monday against South Africa and Sri Lanka. But the one game that has had New York authorities occupied during their preparations is the highly anticipated Sunday, June 9 encounter between India and Pakistan.

The India vs. Pakistan game is more than simply a game; it’s a titanic struggle that goes beyond athletics. There is no greater rivalry in cricket history than that between the two Asian sides, and their matches are always spectacular. The makeshift 34,000-seat stadium in East Meadow, New York, is expected to be packed, and millions more people will be riveted to their TVs, waiting to see how this titanic matchup plays out.

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India against Pakistan is similar to an enhanced version of the Super Bowl. Bruce Blakeman, the executive of Nassau County, remarked, “We were unaware of its magnitude. “We want to put our best foot forward.”
Blakeman’s statement highlights a remarkable security operation including local, state, and federal security officials collaborating with the county, particularly following a pro-ISIS group’s threat against the World Cup match.

ISIS Threat and Social Media Post

A pro-ISIS organization posted a photograph of a hooded guy brandishing a rifle on social media last week. The date of the photo was June 9, which is the day of the India vs. Pakistan match. “You wait for the matches… and we wait for you,” the caption said.


A story in the Telegraph claims that New York Police used snipers to patrol the India vs. Pakistan match in New York, and that police personnel were tasked with providing round-the-clock security to ensure that protesters did not do any damage to the pitch. The Nassau County International Cricket Stadium has also seen an increase in security, with SWAT squads and plainclothes police officers on duty. Eisenhower Park’s surrounding grounds and the road next to the venue will be blocked in the meantime.

Official Statements on Security

In response to the threats that have been made, particularly those that are expressly linked to the India-Pakistan match, Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder pledged last week to step up security.

“In this county’s history, we have never had to undertake such a major security operation. Additionally, he assured them that it was the safest location in Nassau County on June 9.

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“Everyone’s safety and security at the event is our number one priority, and we have a comprehensive and robust security plan in place,” the International Criminal Court (ICC) stated in a statement.We collaborate closely with the authorities in the nations where we are hosting, and we continuously scan and assess the world scene to make sure that the necessary safeguards are in place to lessen any dangers that may be associated with our event.