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Upon learning about Rishabh Pant’s accident, I shed tears- Ravi Shastri

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Shastri sheds for Rishabh Pant

When he learned about Rishabh Pant’s accident, former India coach Ravi Shastri said he had tears in his eyes. He also stated it was touching to see the wicketkeeper back in the team for the T20 World Cup match against Pakistan. Pant was sidelined till the IPL 2024 due to an automobile accident that occurred in December of 2022. One of the key factors in India’s victory over Pakistan on Sunday in New York was the wicketkeeper.

With three outstanding catches made behind the stumps and 42 off 31 balls, Pant helped India win the match by six runs. Pant received the fielding award for his bravery with the gloves, and Shastri was invited as a special guest to present it. With a message prepared for Pant, the former coach broke down in tears while the rest of the team applauded.

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Shastri commends Rishabh Pant for his inspiring performance against Pakistan

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“All of this is for Rishabh. Outstanding performance. When I learned of his accident, I started crying. It was worse when I visited him in the hospital. It’s wonderful that he returned from that and was back in the A-zone for one of the biggest games, India vs. Pakistan,” Shastri added.

After undergoing extensive surgery to treat the injuries he had in the automobile accident, Shastri was greatly pleased with Pant’s range of movement and wicketkeeping. According to Shastri, millions of people worldwide find encouragement in Pant’s commitment to making a swift comeback.


“Batting was common knowledge. What your X-factor is, what you can achieve. However, you deserve recognition for how hard you worked because of your speedy recovery from the procedure and your range of motion. It serves as motivation to millions of people worldwide, not just for you. You may also steal victory from the clutches of hardship and death. Very well done, keep up the fantastic job,”stated Shastri.