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BGMI Patriot Cup 2024 Finals Day 1 Highlights

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BGMI Patriot Cup 2024

The BGMI Patriot Cup 2024 Grand Finals got off in grand fashion, with 16 finalists engaging in five competitive matches. With 51 points, Reckoning Esports won a chicken meal and emerged as the leader. Punkk, their standout player, was their leader and a major factor in the team’s 30 frag points.

Gods Reign, coming back from a difficult league stage, took third place with 41 points, while Team Tamilas had an impressive start and finished in second place with 45 points. Despite having a great frag performance, Global Esports only managed to rank fifth due to a lack of placement points. After the first day, the crowd favourite GodLike was ranked seventh.

The league’s best player, Orangutan, had a difficult start and was now in 11th position. Team Soul, another beloved by the fans, was in 12th place with 21 points.

BGMI Patriot Cup 2024

BGMI Patriot Cup 2024 Finals : Day 1 of the BGMI Results

Under the direction of BGMI Pro Saumraj, Entity Gaming dominated the first game, winning with ten frags. With his outstanding performance, Gamlaboy defeated eight opponents and won MVP. Even though they were eliminated early, Autobotz and Orangutan showed resiliency by taking out eight and ten players, respectively.

In the second match, played in Miramar’s desert, Gods Reign emerged victorious with 11 frags. Second and third place were taken by Team Tamilas and Reckoning Esports, with six and five frags respectively. Even after being eliminated early, Iqoo Soul was still able to earn six frags.

In the quick-witted third match on Sanhok, Reckoning maintained their lead with 14 frags, while Hunter claimed eight eliminations. With seven and four frags, respectively, Global Esports and TWM Gaming took second and third place.

With a calculated move, Autobotz Esports won the fourth Vikendi match and scored seven frags. With 10 frags, GodLike demonstrated calm performance to take the second place, while OR Esports came in third with 8 frags.

Seven frags were secured by Team Tamilas, who won the last match on Erangel under the direction of BGMI star Mrigal. With eight frags, Hyderabad Hydras took second place, while Global Esports used a strong strategy to take third place with nine eliminations.

On January 29, the BGMI Patriotic Cup Finals’ second day of play is scheduled to begin. Today is the day when all of these players will try to cement their positions. To determine the winners, the Grand Finale will take place over four days.

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