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Dota 2 Patch 7.32d: Top 5 Heroes You Should Pick to Gain MMR

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The Dota 2 community was hoping for a new patch to be delivered after The International 2022 (TI11), with players calling for nerfs for certain heroes & items such as Wraith Pact, Marci, and more. After a month of waiting, Valve decided to release Patch 7.32d during the off-season, allowing the community to experiment with new tactics and heroes. It has only been a week since patch 7.32d was released, and some heroes have re-emerged as favorites for the players as well as the pros.

Regardless of the new patch, all Dota 2 players will still want to earn more MMR (Matchmaking Rating). With that in mind, here is a list of five heroes that you should spam in your pubs in patch 7.32d.

Top 5 Heroes In Patch 7.32D


Razor was the most popular hero following the patch’s release, for multiple reasons. According to Dotabuff, the hero had an overall win rate of 57.24% as opposed to last month, where the hero would have a 49.66% win rate. Additionally, the hero’s pick rate also increased dramatically as he had an average of 15.63% in all ranked brackets.

While the hero received a slight buff to his Storm Surge ability & skill tree with a slight increase to his damage, the main reason why Razor is currently popular is due to his item builds. The so-called “Razor Bloodstone” meta saw players building Bloodstone as their first item, followed by Aghanim’s Shard which in return would make it harder for enemies to kill them due to the spell lifesteal that the item provides during team fights.


The silent assassin continues to strike from behind despite being one of the least-picked heroes at TI11. The hero has a stable 53.33% win rate throughout the month as well as a solid 16.32% pick rate in the Divine & Immortal brackets according to Dotabuff.

While the hero did not receive any buffs or nerfs in the new patch, the hero’s flexibility as either a carry or a position-four support hero is seen as valuable to most players. Additionally, his Sleeping Dart ability allows him to set up potential ganks throughout the map while his usual item builds such as Diffusal Blade & Aghanim’s Scepter allows him to easily pick off enemies one by one.

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Treant Protector

Treant Protector was one of the eight heroes that were neither picked nor banned at TI11. However, following the new patch’s release, the hero may come back into the spotlight as the hero has a stable 53% win rate and 5.40% pick rate according to Dotabuff.

In the latest patch, Treant Protector received buffs to his Leech Seed ability that increases his cast range, damage & heal per pulse. This allows the hero to be even more aggressive early in the laning phase. Additionally, he also received a slight damage buff to his ultimate ability, Overgrowth.

Wraith King

Wraith King has enjoyed a lot of buffs to his abilities since Patch 7.32 was released back in late August. Additionally, the hero has recently enjoyed a steady increase in both his pick and win rate according to Dotabuff.

However, the latest patch saw a buff to both his Wraithfire Blast ability & skeleton minions as it now grants them an increase in movement & attack speed upon targeting an enemy. This allows him to deal more damage according to his item builds, as his level fifteen talent tree upgrade allows him to increase the attack damage of his skeletons.

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Drow Ranger

Like Wraith King, Drow Ranger has also enjoyed her time in the spotlight as one of the go-to carry heroes in the current meta. Additionally, the hero currently has the third highest win rate in November behind Silencer & Riki with an impressive 54.22% win rate according to Dotabuff.

While the hero did have her Gust ability nerfed in the latest patch, her high damage output with her abilities as well as her Aghanim’s Shard upgrade allows her to excel in tough situations.

In addition to these five strongest heroes, Silencer, Queen of Pain, and Sand King are also considered powerful thanks to the recent updates they received in patch 7.32d.

Even though patch 7.32d has only been released for a week, some Dota 2 heroes have already shown tremendous promise. There will undoubtedly be more heroes and hero combos that may appear to be entirely broken in the days to come before the 2022/2023 Dota Pro Circuit season.