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Esports Tournaments Schedule for 2024

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Esports Tournament

Here are some esports games we hope to see in 2024 as we look ahead to the coming year. The Valorant Champions Tour 2024 competitive schedule and tournament route have been made public.

Seven international competitions, including two in Shanghai and Madrid, will take place during the VCT in 2024.

The teams and competitions that will be a part of the VCT 2024 are described below. 

  • Riot Games has released the preliminary details for the forthcoming Valorant Champions Tour 2024 (VCT 2024). While not all the details have been disclosed, a proper roadmap that highlights the major goals, adjustments, and improvements has been given.
  • The competition calendar appears to be much broader than VCT 2023 and has been divided into three different categories: Premier, Challengers, and International.
  • With Premier serving as the entryway, Challengers as the stepping stone, and International hosting the top teams from every region, each level will have its timetable and be connected to the others.

Overview of the Entire VCT 2024

Here is a fast overview of the entire VCT 2024 competitive calendar, which includes all upcoming Valorant tournaments, competing teams, an estimated schedule, the venue, and more. 

With a brand-new tournament to kick off the season, three new teams entering the franchise, one new area joining the official league, Challengers happening all year long, and the introduction of Championship Points, VCT 2024 has a lot in store.       

The Valorant Premier, which will take place in three stages throughout 2024 and offer two possibilities for promotion to the following level, will serve as the starting point for new teams. 

  • Valorant Premier 1: January to April (Promotions)
  • Valorant  Premier 2: May to August (Promotions)
  • Valorant  Premier 3: September to December (Promotions)

The top competitors will be allowed to compete in Valorant Challengers, which will also take place in 2024.

  • February to April: Playoffs
  • May to August: Playoffs
  • August to September: The rise of the game
  • October to December: (VCT 2025)

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For the majority of the year, the top teams will continue to participate in the International Valorant circuit. In all, seven different competitions will be held in 2024. 

  • Kick-Off event for VCT 2024 | January to February
  • Valorant Masters Madrid | March | Madrid, Spain
  • International League 1 | April
  • Valorant Masters | May in Shanghai, China
  • International League 2 | June
  • Valorant Champions | August
  • Valorant Game Changers Championship | November

Overwatch 2

The earliest players may expect more missions would be around March 2024 with Season 9, albeit this is just guesswork given that Overwatch 2 Seasons last a few months and that Season 6 doesn’t start until August 15. During the Emongg interview, Neuss explained the reason for the lengthy wait: Blizzard wants the chance to hear from the community regarding the three Invasion missions and the bonus London objective. With your feedback, Blizzard can try to improve the upcoming missions by adding new mechanics or changing tasks that do not seem as enjoyable as they should.

This might be a smart move, according to early assessments from Overwatch 2 content developers like KarQ who had a chance to play the PvE early. In his initial reviews, KarQ scored the Invasion missions a 6.5, noting that while the cutscenes and dialogue were excellent, the objectives were too simple and required too much standing still and shooting. This kind of feedback will hopefully be applied to strengthen the next section of the Overwatch 2 story, so having more viewpoints by August 15 should be quite beneficial.      

Fortunately, game creation never stops, thus esports-related titles are still being launched in large quantities despite the advent of esports winter. Here is our ranking of the most significant esports releases in 2024.

Tekken 8

The Tekken 8 release date is slated for January 26, 2024. The 3D fighter will go after titles like Mortal Kombat 1 and Street Fighter 6, which dominated the FGC in 2023. As expected from the series, Tekken 8, the eighth mainstream installment, is expected to push the graphics limits of fighting games. Expect the tried-and-true formula in a brand-new setting with fresh faces!


Release window 2024, beta issued in 2023

While detractors may argue that the RTS genre is extinct, Stormgate is poised to defy the odds by bringing back the nostalgic atmosphere of games like Warcraft III and StarCraft II. Stormgate, a free-to-play RTS that combines fantasy and sci-fi, will satisfy the craving for a brand-new esports RTS game that isn’t called Age of Empires or ‘Craft. It’s now up to Frost Giant Studios to deliver, with creators like Nick “Tasteless” Plott and Back2Warcraft already secured deals.

Project L

The release of the hands-on demo is expected in 2024.

There has already been a little beta and a tonne of gameplay footage. All that’s left is some practical experience. If Project L’s release lives up to the expectations, 2024 might be another momentous year for Riot.   

Zero Space

Released a hands-on demo in 2023, with a potential release in 2024

Numerous gameplay videos and a small beta have already been released. Now all we require is some practical experience. If Project L is as anticipated, 2024 may be another significant year for Riot.

Riot Games MMO

Information to follow in 2024

We anticipate learning more about the new MMO from Riot Games in 2024, despite the lack of a concrete release date. It’s uncertain whether this will involve a few restricted playtests or a real release. MMOs take a very long time to create, but whatever is happening, we anticipate great things from this new contender.

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