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Esports World Cup introduces an initiative to support esports organisations.

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Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup Foundation has unveiled an assistance package for esports teams and companies. The Esports World Cup is scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia in 2024.

The EWC Club Programme aims to enable diverse esports clubs to expand their teams and add new players by providing them with the means to “promote sustainability.”

Teams who are interested may complete an application procedure developed by the Foundation before the deadline of February 15th. There will be 28 esports organisations in the globe that may apply for the scheme; 22 of them will get direct invites. Only six spots are open for candidates.

Esports World Cup

Interest-worthy companies should, according to the EWC Foundation, have a history of developing teams in one or more esports games and a “long-term strategy in the esports industry.”

Notably, the Foundation said the programmes’ approved institutions would be qualified for an annual “six-figure payout.” Teams from many different backgrounds will undoubtedly find this financial incentive intriguing, particularly during the “esports winter.” Since there were no formal qualifications for teams who were selected for the Programme when it was first announced, the Foundation has not yet released specific guidelines for this incentive.

The Esports World Cup Foundation is a non-profit organisation established by the Saudi Arabian government with the goal of producing a tier-one multi-title esports competition. It was established last year. One of the games that will be included at the EWC is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which was revealed earlier this year.

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Teams must fill out the application itself with details about their goals, potential new titles, games they play in, social media followership, fan bases in different locations, and other things.

With the help of the software, the teams will be able to build numerous rosters, which will enable them to participate in the Esports World Cup. Participating in the programme, however, does not ensure a World Cup berth.

The Esports World Cup Foundation’s CEO, Ralf Reichert, offered the following statement in response to the announcement: “The EWC Club Programme enables clubs to build a sustainable pipeline for growth of both their existing teams and additional programmes.” Our mission is to assist the teams we work with in raising the profile of their brands, participating in top-tier competitions, and promoting esports as an international sport. Building esports’ future will mostly depend on facilitating the teams’ and players’

EWC Club Program: Highlights

Check out the highlighted points of the newly announced Esports World Cup aka EWC Club Program below:

  • Promote long-term planning for esports clubs, unite fans across different game titles, and showcase top athletes under one competition.
  • Crowns the first-ever Esports World Cup Club Champion in summer 2024.
  • Esports clubs worldwide can apply until February 15th at –
  • 22 invited directly, 6 chosen through open application.
  • Established track record, proven ability to build teams, and global fan engagement potential.
  • Rewards clubs for competitive excellence, viewership, and social engagement during the World Cup.
  • Supports clubs in achieving their long-term vision and fostering multi-title rosters.
  • Clubs must still qualify through traditional methods for each game.
  • Individual teams earn points for their club across eight weeks of tournaments and festivities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • The top points-earner wins the title and a share of a massive prize pool (to be announced).

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