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Is Prime Gaming Finally Coming to India?

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prime gaming

prime gaming

Amazon might be bringing Prime Gaming to the Indian audience very soon according to a support page on the Prime Gaming website. Prime Gaming (previously known as Twitch Prime) is a subscription service that is typically bundled with Amazon Prime in most countries. In India, Amazon Prime is available along with bundled subscriptions like Prime Video, but Prime Gaming is not part of the subscription plan. It is a sought-after feature by Twitch viewers and gamers in general due to the free perks that it offers.

Why Prime Gaming coming to India is game-changing

Indian game journalist Rishi Alwani shared screenshots of a Prime Gaming page where India is listed as one of the markets. Since then, the page has been hidden and it has left gamers across the country excited. In addition to free games and in-game items that Prime Gaming has to offer, Prime Gaming’s launch in India could popularize Twitch even further.

Twitch subscriptions in India used to cost $5 USD for years before regional pricing was implemented which brought down the cost of a monthly subscription to around $2 USD. A lot of creators were shielded from regional pricing by Twitch but after the first three months since regional pricing was introduced, creators now receive less money based on the regional pricing of subscriptions.

With Twitch Prime, regional pricing is not implemented and streamers receive a fixed amount of money regardless of which region they receive a subscription from. This may change in the future but for now, it is the more lucrative option.

Depending on the pricing, it may be more affordable to have a Prime Gaming subscription than to subscribe to a streamer every month once the service goes live. Currently, it costs INR 1499 to purchase Amazon Prime, and Prime Gaming might be included as part of the package. But that might not be the case as Amazon Prime is much cheaper in India compared to other countries and Prime Gaming may be offered as a standalone service.

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Amazon is yet to officially reveal any information about Prime Gaming in India so anyone interested in the service should take all information with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made.