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Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 : Teams and Dates Revealed !

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Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 : Teams and Dates Revealed

Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 : Teams and Dates Revealed

With a massive prize pool of INR 1 Crore, the Snapdragon Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Pro Series is a top event on the BGMI circuit in India. More than 2,000 spots were available for up-and-coming teams in the open qualifications, which were divided into three phases : Conquest, Challenge Season, and Challenge Final. The first Conquest phase consists of the open qualifying and championship round, after which 24 current teams are invited to compete in the next round.

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The top 16 teams moved on to the Conquest Open Finals after the Open Qualifiers concluded. The teams will compete for eight seats in the Challenge Season in these finals, which are scheduled for January 6 and 7, 2024. The 24 invited teams from the phase before will be joined by the winning teams.

BGMI SNAPDRAGON Pro Series 2024 : Format 

Out of all the 2048 teams, the top eight teams advanced to the Challenge Stage following the Conquest stage. Over the course of 12 days, the top eight teams faced off against 24 invited teams; the top 16 advanced to the next round. Those 16 teams will compete over the duration of three days on LAN in the final stage, called the Challenge Finals, for the coveted championship.

Date and Teams


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Here are the teams participating in the Open Finals : 

  1. 4 Aggressive Man
  2. Team Insane
  3. Team Together Esports
  4. NONNX Esports
  5. Grind One Esports
  6. Wingod Esports
  7. Optimum Esports
  8. Pyramid Esports
  9. Team Aaru
  10. Dream Team Esports
  11. Skulltz Esports
  12. Reckoning Esports
  13. UP50 Esports
  14. Aerobotz Esports
  15. 4Shot Esports
  16. Gujarat Tigers



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The squad of Team Aaru, which is captained by BGMI star Aaru, includes seasoned players. The team, which was once a part of Midwave Esports, is anticipated to do well in the next phase.

Reckoning Esports had difficulty throughout the 2023 BMPS. Under Punk’s leadership, the illustrious group will aim to provide elite results in this Snapdragon Pro Series. Experienced players like Immortal and Punk make up the roster.

The Gujarat Tigers have had a protracted run of bad play. The team didn’t place well in their prior big competitions, despite having some seasoned sportsmen on it. Their goal in this tournament will be to recover.

Rules and Regulations

The BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series has laid down some rules, including:

  • Only Indian players are allowed to participate.
  • Players aren’t allowed to use Pads and Tablets in the whole tournament.
  • Any device with a display of more than 7 inches is also banned.
  • Only players above the age of 16 years were allowed to participate.


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