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STE Action and JONATHAN Might Play PUBG Mobile Scrims Together

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Pubg mobile scrims

Pubg mobile scrims

In a recent livestream, Towqeer Gilkar, co-founder of Stalwart Esports, stated that he is planning to arrange PUBG Mobile scrims for Stalwart Esports’ Suhbat “Action” Galtsalam and GodLike Esports’ Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral. Gilkar also spoke about Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) potential return to India. 

Since the government of India banned PUBG Mobile in September 2020, Indian players have not been able to play with players from other countries. Although Krafton launched BGMI to fill PUBG Mobile’s void, it does not support global matchmaking.

Gilkar talks about PUBG Mobile scrims between JONATHAN and Action

In July 2022, GodLike Esports collaborated with Stalwart Esports to form GodLike Stalwart for the PUBG Mobile World Championship 2022 (PMWI 2022). Since then, GodLike Stalwart has been getting a lot of attention from the Indian BGMI community. Furthermore, fans are also excited to watch GodLike Esports’ BGMI roster and GodLike Stalwart’s PUBG Mobile roster play together. 

On his social media handles, JONATHAN recently revealed that he is traveling to Dubai. Notably, PUBG Mobile is still available in Dubai and also supports global matchmaking. Hence, fans told Gilkar that it would be great to see Action and JONATHAN play together. Responding to this, Gilkar said that he already had a chat with Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare about it. “I am sure it would be pretty fun; let’s see. I recently told Ghatak that JONATHAN is coming to Dubai, so we can try it, ignoring the ping. We could organize some scrims for them for a couple of hours. Let’s see. If it is possible, we will do it,” he said.

Gilkar expresses his views on the recent BGMI maintenance break 

Krafton recently scheduled a maintenance break for BGMI. The break lasted for around half an hour and did not bring any significant changes to the game, except the reintroduction of the in-game Bonus Challenge. It stirred the community, and players considered it good news about the game’s return.

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Talking about this, another viewer asked Gilkar his views on this maintenance break and if the game would return. Responding to this, Gilkar said, “The game will surely be unbanned, but the point is when will it be unbanned. To be honest, personally speaking, I think it should come around January or February, but being pessimistic, I am saying March. But again, I haven’t had that kind of conversation yet.” Following this, he added, “At first, we used to get all the information openly, but now, the information is saturated.”With the recent developments in BGMI, fans are ready to welcome the game back. Although there is no official announcement of the game’s return, Krafton has made quite a few moves regarding the game. Krafton’s latest press release stated that it is trying to continue BGMI services in India. Furthermore, in a recent international audit, the South Korean Ambassador to India said that Krafton is trying to resolve BGMI’s suspension in the country.