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Some of Global Esports’ Valorant Players Are Currently Not Allowed To Travel

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Rushindra Sinha, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Esports, recently went live on his YouTube channel to address questions from his audience regarding the organisation’s Valorant roster. Responding to a question from his audience, Sinha revealed that the organisation is currently waiting for the completion of its Valorant players’ visa approval. He also revealed why all the Indian passport holders from the organisation are frozen and are not allowed to travel.

Global Esports is awaiting its players’ Brazil visa approval

In a previous livestream, Sinha stated that Global Esports is facing some problems in its journey. He revealed that Global Esports’ professional Valorant players are facing issues with their South Korean visas and that the organisation is currently looking for other viable boot camp options. “As of the last meeting, we have been told once we apply for the E-6 Visa, which is the Korean work visa, the players will not be able to leave the country for six to eight weeks. It is similar to the USA’s (United State America) work visa H1B. Once you are done with stamping, you can’t leave or enter the country,” said Sinha. Following this, Sinha said that due to the travel restrictions, the organisation is exploring its boot camp options at a visa-neutral location so that it will be easy for them to travel without worry. 

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In the recent livestream, one of Sinha’s viewers asked him when the organisation’s Valorant roster will move to a visa-neutral location. Responding to this, Sinha said, “Currently we are waiting for our Brazil visa application dates. Once that stamping happens, only then we can travel. Till then, all the Indian passport holders are frozen. We can’t go anywhere, we are literally in no man’s land until we get our Brazil appointment and complete the stamping. Until then, we can’t travel.” Sinha explained why players can’t travel, saying, “Because, for the Brazil visa, we have to submit our passports, so we can’t go anywhere until it is done.”

Sinha denies that Global Esports’ Valorant roster is moving to Thailand

A Twitter user named Sangwan Shares posted a clip of Sinha talking about Global Esports looking for alternate bootcamp options due to South Korean visa issues. Shiva “Marvel” Nandy, founder and CEO of Skyesports, replied to this tweet and said, “Hey Rushindra Sinha, I would like to reveal. Can I?”. Notably, Marvel’s company, Skyesports, recently revealed that it is working on setting up a bootcamp in Bangkok, Thailand. As a result, Twitter users started speculating that Global Esports might move to Thailand until the South Korean visa issues were solved. 

In the recent livestream, Sinha’s audience asked him whether it is true that Global Esports might move to Thailand. Sinha denied it and responded by saying, “I did not tell you anything about it.”

Although Global Esports’ Valorant roster is all set to compete at the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 (VCT 2023) Kick-Off Tournament in São Paulo, Brazil, the organisation is facing some difficulties in bringing its roster under one roof. As a result, fans might not get to see the roster compete together before the VCT Kick-Off Tournament.