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Paul Pogba, Former World Cup Winner Banned For Doping For Four Years

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Paul Pogba, the top player for Juventus, was allegedly given a four-year football suspension on Thursday. In September, the former midfield player for Manchester United received a temporary suspension after testing positive for testosterone. A four-year penalty for France’s World Cup champion was demanded by Italy’s sports prosecutors due to doping charges against the playmaker. After Juventus defeated Udinese 3-0 in the Italian Serie A opener, Pogba was placed on indefinite leave in September.


Pogba’s anti-doping hearing was moved from January 18 to an undisclosed date, and the demands made by the French midfield player’s legal team were also approved by Italy’s anti-doping tribunal. Pogba’s delegates had already declined to comment on the anti-doping hearing. After the hearing at the Rome-based NADO tribunal, Pogba was already expected to receive a lengthy suspension from the game of football. The Juventus midfield player was targeted by anti-doping prosecutors in December for a potential 4-year suspension.

If Pogba could have proven he didn’t dope on purpose, the former Manchester United player’s proposed punishment may have been cut in half. If the Juventus playmaker had been able to demonstrate that the prohibited substance was removed from competition, his suspension would have been limited to a few months. Pogba’s team said, as reported by news agency AFP, that the testosterone originated from a dietary supplement that the Frenchman took to a doctor in the United States. Pogba has access to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland to file an appeal against the ruling.

Carrier May Over for Pogba

The FIFA World Cup winner’s career may come to an end as a result of his four-year ban from Juventus. In the FIFA World Cup 2018 final in Russia, France defeated Luka Modric’s Croatia 4-2 thanks to a goal from the 30-year-old Kylian Mbappe-led team. Between 2012 and 2016, Pogba earned 178 caps for Juventus. Pogba has been plagued by ailments ever since returning to Juventus from Manchester United. A knee issue kept him out of the 2022 World Cup. Pogba participated in two Juventus games this year. Pogba made just six Serie A appearances for Bianconeri in the previous campaign.

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