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Asian Games 2023: Cricket Schedule Time,Dates and Where to Watch

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Asian Games

Cricket fans may expect a great show at the Asian Games in 2023. Both a men’s and a women’s T20 cricket competition will be held during the event, which is taking place in Hangzhou, China. The stage is set for some exciting cricket action with top-seeded nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh moving on directly to the quarterfinals.

In 2010 and 2014, cricket was included at the Asian Games, but not in 2018. The sport is returning after a five-year absence, which heightens the enthusiasm and expectation.

Men’s Cricket Championship

The men’s T20 cricket competition will begin on September 27 and end on October 7 with the bronze and gold medal games. There will be 15 teams competing in the competition, including top-seeded nations that will start their adventure in the quarterfinals. The final 11 teams will participate in the group stage, and the top four teams and the champions will advance to the quarterfinals.

The 2023 Asian Games men’s T20 cricket competition is set up with both group rounds and straight admissions into the quarterfinals. For the first phase, teams were divided into four groups.

Afghanistan and Mongolia are in Group A, Cambodia, Japan, and Nepal are in Group B, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand are in Group C, and Malaysia, Bahrain, and the Maldives are in Group D.

The top-seeded teams—India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh—have been given straight access into the quarterfinals, skipping the group rounds, which has increased the tension.

Women’s Cricket Championship

The women’s T20 cricket competition will run from September 19 to September 25. Top-seeded teams have been given straight access into the quarterfinals, similar to the men’s event. The remaining teams are split into two groups, and following round-robin games and a qualifier for the quarterfinals, the top eight’s schedule will be determined.

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Group A includes Indonesia and Mongolia, while Group B includes Malaysia and Hong Kong. Again, the top-seeded teams, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India, have been given straight admission.

How to watch

The games will be broadcast live on the Sony Sports Network TV networks in India as well as streamed on Sony Liv for those who want to watch them live.

Venue and Timing

The Pingfeng Cricket Field at Zhejiang University of Technology will serve as the site of all games for both the men’s and women’s competitions. Check the match times (in Indian time):

Asian Games 2023 men’s cricket schedule

September 27, WednesdayNepal vs JapanB6:30 AM
September 27, WednesdayHong Kong vs SingaporeC11:30 AM
September 28, ThursdayMalaysia vs BahrainD6:30 AM
September 28, ThursdayJapan vs CambodiaB11:30 AM
September 29, FridayMaldives vs MalaysiaD6:30 AM
September 29, FridaySingapore vs ThailandC11:30 AM
October 1, SundayAfghanistan vs MongoliaA6:30 AM
October 1, SundayCambodia vs NepalB11:30 AM
October 2, MondayThailand vs Hong KongC6:30 AM
October 2, MondayBahrain vs MaldivesD11:30 AM
October 3, TuesdayIndia (1st ranked team) vs TBDQF 16:30 AM
October 3, TuesdayPakistan (2nd ranked team) vs TBDQF211:30 AM
October 4, WednesdaySri Lanka (3rd ranked team) vs TBDQF 36:30 AM
October 4, WednesdayBangladesh (4th ranked team) vs TBDQF411:30 AM
October 6, FridayWinner QF 1 vs Winner QF 4SF16:30 AM
October 6, FridayWinner QF 2 vs Winner QF 3SF211:30 AM
October 7, SaturdayLoser SF 1 vs Loser SF 23rd/4th match (Bronze medal)6:30 AM
October 7, SaturdayWinner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2Final (Gold medal)11:30 AM
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Asian Games 2023 women’s cricket schedule

September 19, TuesdayIndonesia vs MongoliaA6:30 AM
September 19, TuesdayHong Kong vs MalaysiaB11:30 AM
September 20, WednesdayLoser match 1 vs Loser match 2Quarter-final qualifier6:30 AM
September 21, ThursdayIndia (1st ranked team) vs TBDQF 16:30 AM
September 21, ThursdayPakistan (2nd ranked team) vs TBDQF 211:30 AM
September 22, FridaySri Lanka (3rd ranked team) vs TBDQF 36:30 AM
September 22, FridayBangladesh (4th ranked team) vs TBDQF 411:30 AM
September 24, SundayWinner QF 1 vs Winner QF 4SF 16:30 AM
September 24, SundayWinner QF 2 vs Winner QF 3SF 211:30 AM
September 25, MondayLoser SF 1 vs Loser SF 23rd/4th match (Bronze medal)6:30 AM
September 25, MondayWinner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2Final (Gold medal)11:30 AM