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Dravid Annoyed by 1997 Barbados Loss Reminder Before Match

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Rahul Dravid

Before their Super 8 encounter against Afghanistan, Team India head coach Rahul Dravid was in no mood to talk about recollections of a devastating defeat in a Test match at the Kensington Oval, Barbados, in 1997. India, led by Sachin Tendulkar, lost nervously to the West Indies in the third Test match as they chased a 120-run goal into the fourth innings. India had a commanding 21-run lead at the end of the first innings, but their pursuit of the objective was severely undermined.

After smashing 78 runs in the first innings of the match against the Windies, Dravid had a dismal second innings and was out for only two.

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The same field will host Thursday’s Super 8 encounter between India and Afghanistan. Dravid was asked by a reporter about his recollections of the 1997 Test match, which irritated the Indian coach a little.

“GOD MAN!” Dravid’s Reaction


“Wow, what a big thanks, friend! Here, too, I have some more good recollections,” Dravid said.
“God man!” was the direct response Dravid gave when asked whether he planned to create new and better memories at the Kensington Oval. Man, I’m not attempting to create something new!

According to Dravid, he moves on from things fast and doesn’t hold into the past. Additionally, the Indian head coach declared that he is not at all worried about what transpired in 1997.

“I get over things quite quickly. It’s one of my interests. I don’t reflect on the past. I make an effort to pay attention to what I am doing right now. At the press conference, Dravid stated, “I don’t give a damn about what occurred in 1997 or any other year.

The outcome versus Afghanistan would not undo what happened to Dravid in 1997 because his sole goal was to assist India qualify for the Super 8 stage with a victory and not seek any form of revenge.

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“You know, by winning this… I would have been concerned if you had informed me that by winning, we would have scored 121 instead of 80 odd. But no matter how hard I strive, even if we win this game tomorrow, it will still just be 80 points on the scoresheet. No, I don’t consider taking revenge. I let things go. What’s good or awful in front of me? I no longer consider myself to be much of a player. Yes, please proceed. “Aim for a strong outcome tomorrow, and concentrate on that,” Dravid continued.