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8 Best Online Poker Game Websites & App In India 2022 – 23

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Poker Game has gained a huge popularity from the past twentieth century. Poker is undoubtedly the finest card game you can play. Some say poker is a totally luck-based game, but in reality it is a bit different. Poker is more about luck than skill. One of the reasons why poker is considered the finest card game is that in poker you play the players more than you play the cards. Nowadays it has become difficult for many people to make time for nearby poker rooms because of their busy schedule. So several websites have come up and they allow their users to play online poker games for free on their website. There are many poker game sites but it is time that you must choose the right poker  game website to play. Some features that makes any real money gaming website pre-eminent are like-

  1. Regular high rewarding contests 
  2. Welcome bonus
  3. Referral bonus
  4. Free cash bonus
  5. Quick withdrawals
  6. Safe payment method

Based on this comparison, below are the list that are currently the 8 best online poker game apps in India- 

Adda52 Poker

The first website that comes to our mind regarding online poker websites in India is Adda52 poker. It has all the variations in online poker which makes it easier for the user to choose between a variety of games . Adda52 is one of the websites that offers a sign up bonus with a ref and referral bonus when you register with a referral from your friend. They have invested in many marketing strategies like several campaigns and have offered many bonuses and cash rewards to attract players. Talking about the withdrawal procedure, it is very easy to withdraw money from Adda52. According to them, user’s security is their first priority and thus they have a well secured money transaction and legitimate gameplay. 


Khelo65 is a poker game website developed by an Indian company. One of the best features of it is that it provides its users the best experience in playing poker. You do not have to download any application to play  poker online for free. The new version of Khelo365 has a lot more to offer. It includes all the variations of poker and many more exciting games to play like Texas Hold’em, Pot light Omaha, Pineapple, Boost and reverse Hold’em. Khelo365 offers one of the best user gaming experiences like easy interface, safe withdrawals and much more. Some new features after the update version are like Anonymous, Run it twice and heads up, Cash game features Khelo365 is available on different platforms like Windows,Androids etc.


PokerBaazi is an online poker website in India that gained popularity in recent times. This website is still in its early development and has made it’s place to top 8 poker apps in India within this very short time. Pokerbaazi is considered as an ideal poker playing website because it has almost all the features of a poker website. If you are at a very beginners stage then you should give it a shot here. Many celebrities like Sunny Leone have advertised for poker baazi and associated herself with it. Though  it is not at par with Real poker India or Adda52, it is not far away either.

Spartan Poker 

Spartan poker not only provides online gaming experience but the thing that took their level to sky is their massive tournaments. They have raised their standards by organizing massive tournaments like Poker India Championship that exceeded all the previous records. The best feature of spartan poker is that it always listens to its users and is always improving. Frequent updates are always there which solves almost all the bugs and glitches. Spartan poker also avails one VIP program which offers great rewards. Undoubtedly, we can say Spartan poker has raised the online poker culture a lot more than many poker websites that existed before it. Welcome bonus, Safe withdrawals and many more features makes it one of the perfect websites in India.  

GMNG Poker

The first online poker application that comes to mind when i think of playing poker is GMNG poker. GMNG has everything necessary to be the best poker application in India like after signup bonus, referral bonus, 100% use of extra cash bonus, safe withdrawals and many more. GMNG provides the best online gaming experience and user interface. There are several cash contests daily, many tournaments such as speed – 1000.

Upcoming tournaments like Lightsaber. GMNG has been launched recently but still is becoming on par with poker giants with every passing day. One step registration in GMNG provides hassle free gameplay. Besides poker there are several arcade games which you can play and have fun.

Replay Poker

Replay poker’s origin started when it was launched in Sweden for the first time in 2005. A Great thing about replay poker is that it is very user friendly and listens to its users. Frequent updates and implementing new features in its platform, open suggestions, etc. are the reasons why it has made its place in the top 8 poker apps in India. The website as i said earlier is very user friendly because it has a very simple and lucid design which you will find very easy to operate. 

Real Poker India

Next in our list we have an Indian made online poker company that has been working in India from the past few years but has recently made its move and secured their spot among the top poker playing apps list. Yes, we are talking about real poker india. Real poker India has come up with some new ideas for attracting users like exciting sign up bonuses, no deposit bonus, double your deposit bonus. These schemes have been working pretty good recently and has attracted several players to its websites. 

Poker Bunga

Last but not the least poker bunga is next on my list. Poker bunga was first launched in 2012. Since then they have grown so much to become one of the best poker websites in India. The best features in Poker bunga are good quality gaming experience, easy withdrawal system, variety to choose between and many more . In poker bunga you can change the theme settings according to your wish. Poker Bunga also has a 100% welcome and referral bonus. This features make poker bunga’s website much more secured and exceptional.