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BGIS 2024 Round 3 – Day 2 : Everything You need to Know

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BGIS 2024

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 Round 3 has come to an end, with the rising team Chemin Esports taking the lead in the competition. Skilled teams with a lot of experience, such as Numen Gaming and Team XSpark, also performed well in every game.


Match 1: Erangel 

Chemin Esports managed to score a 19-point feast of chicken. In second place, Team Limra Esports scored 16 points, 11 of which were from finishes. With seven finishes, DragonOP of Team Limra Esports was named the game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP). Orgless 5 received 13 points for its aggressive gameplay and third-place finish. Mastizone Gaming and JD Esports, with respective scores of 8 and 6, came in fourth and fifth.

Match 2: Miramar

Team XSpark managed to score a 20-point chicken meal. With four finishes, Shubham “NinjaJod” Sahoo of Team XSpark emerged as the game’s MVP. With a solid combination of finish and placement points, Chemin Esports finished second with 12 points. Numen Gaming received 10 points and finished third. Mastizone Gaming and WBG, with respective scores of 8 and 7, came in fourth and fifth place. Orgless 5 and Youtube Skull were eliminated early on with zero points.

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Match 3: Sanhok

With 23 points, Chemin Esports won the chicken meal. With six finishes, Chemin Esports’ Fury earned the match’s MVP. Numen Gaming earned 16 points, 10 of which came from finishes, and took second place. WBG scored 15 points, continuing their winning streak. TSR Esports earned seven points and finished fourth. With five points, ShieldxVanguard N8 finished in fifth place. Mastizone Gaming, TMG Esports, and Team Limra Esports were ousted in the first round with zero points.

Match 4: Miramar

With 20 points, Team Limra Esports won a chicken meal. Having six finishes, DragonOP of Team Limra Esports earned the match’s MVP. With 13 points, Youtube Skull finished in second place. TSR Esports received ten points for finishing third. Mastizone Gaming and Chemin Esports each received nine points for finishing fourth and fifth. Without a point, 4Blaze Esports was eliminated in the first round.

Match 5: Sanhok

An eighteen point chicken meal was won by Team Brixters. TMG Esports earned 16 points, 10 of which came from finishes, and came in second. The game’s MVP was TMG Esports’ Coder, who finished five games by himself. Xnor Esports received 10 points and finished third. With nine points apiece, Team XSpark and Team Limra Esports finished fourth and fifth, respectively. With one point apiece, WBG and 4Blaze Esports were eliminated.

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Match 6: Erangel

A whopping 33-point chicken meal was obtained by Chemin Esports. With eight finishes, Chemin Esports’ Fury earned the match’s MVP. TMG Esports earned 12 points and came in second. Third-place Team XSpark scored 11 points. Orgless 5 scored nine points and came in fourth place with an aggressive gameplay style. Numen Gaming scored 7 points and finished in fifth place. With one point apiece, Team Brixters and JD Esports were eliminated.

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POints Table BGIS 2024 Round 3 Day 2

3TEAM X SPARK1371754
6ORGLESS 5024832
11TSR ESPORTS0141024
14JD ESPORTS013417

Qualified Teams Group 2

Teams that got qualified from Group 2 are as follows:

  • Team Limra Esports
  • Team XSpark
  • Chemin Esports

Teams like Team XSpark, Chemin Esports, and Team Limra Esports dominated Day 2 of the competition. A few up-and-coming squads, like Xenon and 4Blaze Esports, were disqualified from the competition for their inability to put on consistent performances. Although Numen Gaming’s experienced team was not able to get a direct spot in Round 4, they are anticipated to secure a spot in the Wildcard Entry.