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Group 3 of Round 3 of Day 1 BGIS 2023: Overall Standings and Match Report

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The 2023 Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) has provided fans with some fantastic bouts. The underdog clubs have dominated Group 3 and several seasoned teams have struggled in the opening games. 

The first set of three matches for the third group in BGIS Round 3 were played on September 14; the remaining matches will be played on September 15. With 67 total points, including 36 finish points, Team Insane finished the first day. It helped it win the top place thanks to its stunning triumph in the third game. Brave Esports came in second with 52 points after winning the first and second games.

Day 1 of BGIS Group 3 Match Recap

Match 1 Vikendi: With a victory in the first game and 27 points in total, Brave Esports had a great start to the day. In this match, “Can” and “Dude” from Brave Esports finished sixth and fourth, respectively. With 14 eliminations, Team Insane earned a total of 26 points. Team Insane members Aditya “Aadi” Dawar and Harsh “Harshh” finished in positions 4 and 6, respectively. For its efforts, ORB Esports received 17 points. 10 points were scored by the illustrious Hyderabad Hydras team, including two goals.

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Match 2 Miramar: With 22 points, Brave Esports maintained its lead and won their second chicken supper of the day. Godop, Dude, and S1mple received finishes of 6, 3, and 3, respectively. For their aggressive gameplay, Version 9 and Team Jod both scored 15 points, while BW Esports received 18 points.

Only eight points were earned by Team Insane in the second game. The Hyderabad Hydras performed poorly, garnering just five points. In this match, UDOG India struggled as well, winning just two points.

Match 3 Erangel: Team Insane won the final game of the day by a commanding 33 point margin. Team Insane members Skipz and Harsh each defeated six adversaries. ASG Esports and Version 9 kept up their strong performance and received 19 points. UDOG India and Revenge Esports won with 11 and 9 points, respectively. With only three points, Brave Esports was eliminated from this game early.

1TEAM INSANE13363167
3VERSION 903152338
4ASG ESPORTS03171734
5ORB ESPORTS03131225
7TEAM JOD03131023
8BW ESPORTS0310919
11ELF CLAN0341014
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On the first day of the competition, rising teams Version 9 and Brave Esports dazzled the crowd with their skill. These groups will try to keep up their pace and advance to Round 4.