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BGIS 2024: Krafton Releases Official Dates And Registration Starts

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The first official tournament of the 2024 season has been announced, following many LAN events and third-party Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournaments that have already taken place. Details of the highly anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 tournament were disclosed by game publisher Krafton. The publisher shared information about the occasion in a video that it uploaded on its official social media accounts.

Krafton released a video on their official YouTube channel on March 16, 2024, featuring images from the BGIS 2023 LAN tournament. The event’s new logo and the fact that it would start on April 4th were also disclosed in the video. The Grind qualifications, in-game qualifiers, and main tournament are anticipated to go in the same order as previous years.

Dates are Out and Registration Starts

The official BGMI event caster Zishan “Mazy” Alam recently disclosed in a live stream that the BGIS 2024 event will soon take place. Additionally, he stated that major changes are anticipated to occur before the commencement of BGIS 2024.


The new scoring system, which awards points to the teams based on the Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile Esports points system, is anticipated to be the first update. Instead of receiving 15, the team that wins the chicken meal will now earn 10 points, and the number of points will continue to drop for those who finish lower. The new scoring system has been implemented by nearly all event organisers in the 2024 BGMI season thus far, which is also a sign of things to come.

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The zone meta, which is dependent on the global scene and will alter zone sizes, time, and other aspects, is another update that is anticipated. The third modification is the creation of a new Transfer Window, which allows clubs to swap or exchange players with other groups.

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Thus far in the 2024 BGMI season, a number of well-established teams, like Entity Gaming, iQOO Soul, and Orangutan, have demonstrated steady play. Two events have already been won by Entity Gaming, including the ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series LAN Finals.