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PMSL 2024 Americas Spring has been Postponed a Week

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PMSL 2024 Americas Spring has been postponed

PMSL 2024 Has Been Postponed Due To International Logistics Matters 

A week was added to the schedule for the PMSL 2024. This is due to “international logistical issues.” The competition’s start date has changed from 22 May to 29 May. This tournament will have 15 teams from Brazil, north america and Latan.

From May 29 through June 23 the PUBG Super League Americas Spring 2024 will take place, with a prize pool of $220,000. In July, join us for the PUBG Mobile Esports World Cup in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia! The top five PMSL Americas teams will be selected.

PMSL 2024 Americas Spring Tournament Postponement of the Tournament

The official PUBG Mobile accounts on social media conveyed news about the suspension of PMSL 2024 Americas Spring by the organizers.

“Welcoming the players, teams and partners with excellence is our main priority for offline events. Providing a smooth, professional and competitive experience is of the utmost importance for any PUBG Mobile tournament, especially one as historical and remarkable as PMSL Americas. With these important concepts held at the highest esteem, we would like to share that the start of the event is being postponed by one week due to international logistics matters.”

The single-stage tournament will be play over a period of 4 weeks through 16 players. The top two sides from each of the LATAM, North America and Brazil Qualifiers and the Brazil Qualifications qualified to the tournament.

Teams participating in PMSL 2024 Americas Spring

The 16 teams participating in the PUBG Super League Americas Spring 2024 are here :

  1. Alpha 7 Esports
  2. Influence Rage
  3. Furia Esports
  4. Team Liquid
  5. Death Wolves
  6. INCO Gaming
  7. All Glory Gaming V2
  8. 9z Team
  9. Team Queso
  10. Royals of War
  11. Be Bold
  12. Entity7
  13. N Hyper Esports
  14. Titan Gaming
  15. Super Lazy Reflex
  16. Nemesis

Alpha 7 Esports is a Brazilian top-tier team that recently won the first runner up spot at the PUBG Global Open. The PUBG Super League Americas Spring is one to keep an eye on.

Team Liquid, INCO and N Hyper made their debuts on the esports circuit of this mobile game in early 2018. They are also amongst the top teams in this competition, along with Influence Rage INCO and N Hyper.

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