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BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition Winners

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BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena

BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition

WSB Gaming won the February Edition of the BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena. The squad earned 223 points, including 143 eliminations, over the course of the four-day competition with remarkable consistency. Throughout their 20 games, they also collected four Chicken Dinners. They took home the top prize of ₹1.35 lakh, being the only team in the competition with more than 200 points.

Having scored 153 points and three Chicken Dinners, Mystic Esports came in second place. They’ve had a couple fantastic outings over the previous three days, after a sluggish beginning. With ₹50K in prize money, the underdog roster in this event proved they could compete against some seasoned teams.

With 137 points, Ash-led Orangutan Gaming took third place. This legendary team finished the event with three Chicken Dinners and ninety-one kills. They will now get ready for BGIS 2024. They won a monetary reward of $30,000 for their exploits.

With 136 points, including 90 kills, Reckoning Esports came in fourth place. At the contest, the veteran team led by Punk exhibited some degree of inconsistency. With 125 points and two Chicken Dinners, Uprising Rivals was in fifth position. The group did a great job on the first day, but they could not keep up their pace for the remaining three.

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Though they lost every match, Team Legacy finished seventh with 116 points, behind Galaxy Esports who took sixth place with 125 points. With 111 points, Aslaa placed seventh.

With 107 points, Team Forever led by BGMI alumnus Owais finished ninth in the rankings. Though they were unable to stay consistent throughout the tournament, they were able to win two Chicken Dinners.

Top-ranked Team GodLike, with 104 points, finished in tenth place. In the end, the Jelly-led team managed a pitiful 11 points and dropped from fifth to tenth place in the overall standings.

After an average performance, Revenant Esports, an experienced team, ended up with 100 points and 11th place. With a combined total of 83 points, Team Zero and 8Bit came in 12th and 13th, respectively.

Only 17 points were earned by Gujarat Tigers in the first two days of this BGMI competition, which was a terrible start. After 20 matches, they had 70 points, placing them fifteenth overall. With 47 points, Alibaba Raiders could only linger in last place.

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