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OnePlus Dominate Arena 2024 BGMI February Edition Day 3 – Standings

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BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Day 3

OnePlus Dominate Arena 2024 BGMI February Edition Day 3 – Standings

Up-and-coming teams dominated Day 3 of the OnePlus Dominate Arena 2024 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) February Edition. On Day 3 of the competition, up-and-coming teams like Mystic Esports, Uprising Rivals, and WSB Gaming prevailed.

With 151 points and two chicken dinners, WSB Gaming topped the table. With three chicken meals and 126 points, Mystic Esports came in second. Orangutan received three chicken meals and 107 points for finishing third. In fourth place, Uprising Rivals received two chicken meals and 106 points. Godlike Esports scored 93 points and finished in fifth place. 

16 teams will compete in the OnePlus Dominate Arena 2024 February Edition over the course of four days, from February 26 to February 29. The organizers invited more than twelve teams to the tournament, and four more teams qualified from earlier competitions.


First Match

Galaxy Esports won a whopping 21 points for a chicken supper in the first Erangel match. Gujarat Tigers scored 17 points and played aggressively to come in second. Godlike Esports earned 17 points, including 12 from finishes, and finished in third place. With seven finishes, Jonathan from Godlike Esports earned the title of the match’s Most Valuable Player (MVP). Mystic Esports and Revenant Esports both finished fourth and fifth, respectively, with nine points each. Uprising Rivals, Team Forever, and Reckoning Esports were eliminated early without collecting any points.

Second Match

In the second match in Miramar, Team Zero secured an 18-point supper of chicken. Gujarat Tigers secured second place, maintained their lead, and scored 15 points. Gujarat Tigers’ Clutchgod earned the title of the game’s MVP with five finishes. Mystic Esports secured third place with 12 points. Strong rotations allowed WSB Gaming to score 11 points and secure fourth place. Reckoning Esports secured fifth place with nine points. Alibaba Raiders, Team Forever, and Team 8Bit got ousted in the first round with 0 points.

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Third Match

Aslaa Esports won a 14-point chicken meal in the third Erangel match. WSB Gaming emerged victorious from the match with 15 points, 13 of which came from finishes. AnujtooOP from WSB Gaming was named the game’s MVP with six finishes. Teams 8Bit and Zero finished third and fourth, respectively, with 10 points apiece. Orangutan was eliminated in the first round without receiving any points.

Fourth Match

Sanhok, match four: Uprising Rivals won a 14-point chicken supper. 14 points apiece, Godlike Esports and Mystic Esports came in second and third. With six solo finishes, Apollo from Godlike Esports earned the match’s MVP. With 13 points, Reckoning Esports finished in fourth place. Scoring eight points, WSB Gaming came in fifth. Gujarat Tigers, Aslaa Esports, and Do or Die Esports eliminated early and scored no points.

Fifth Match

With 22 points, WSB Gaming won a supper of chicken. Revenant Esports secured the second position with their aggressive style of play, scoring 16 points, with 15 coming from finishes. With six solo finishes, Revenant Esports’ Aquanox earned the match’s MVP. Godlike Esports received 10 points and finished third. With nine points, the Lucknow Giants finished fourth. Team Forever earned eight points and took fifth place. Early on, Team 8Bit and Team Zero were eliminated without collecting any points.

Points Table:

1WSB GAMING1525497151
10TEAM ZERO151294372
11DO OR DIE ESPORTS151244165
12TEAM LEGACY150273865
13TEAM 8BIT150233861
14TEAM FOREVER151154560

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