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Entity Gaming wins the ESL BGMI Pro Series 2024 LAN Finals

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Entity Gaming wins ESL BGMI Pro Series 2024 LAN Finals

Entity Gaming wins the ESL BGMI Pro Series 2024 LAN Finals

Entity Gaming showed incredible success in the competition and became the ESL BGMI Pro Series 2024 winners. With two Chicken Dinners and 87 eliminations, the Saumraj-led team put 189 points on the board. After making an incredible comeback on Day 3 of the Grand Finals, the star-studded team was given a ₹2,817,500 cash reward.

With 171 points, Team Soul won the first runner-up championship. The Manya-led team played 18 games in the Grand Finals and scored 171 points. The crowd-favorite team was in first place going into the most recent game, but they were unlucky to lose early and dropped to second in the standings. They took home ₹1,197,500 in awards.

ESL BGMI Pro Series 2024 Finals Overall Point Table

1ENTITY GAMING18210287189
2IQOO SOUL1809279171
7OR ESPORTS1828769156
8TEAM FOREVER1818749136
10BLIND ESPORTS1805184135
11TEAM IFLICKS1836263125
12HYDRA OFFICIAL1806343106
13WSB GAMING180504595
14GODS REIGN181484290
ESL BGMI Pro Series 2024 LAN Finals Rankings
ESL BGMI Pro Series 2024 LAN Finals Rankings

With 170 points, Chemin Esports took third place. On the last day, the crew improved their standing by winning two straight Chicken Dinners. During the event’s Challenge Season, the team achieved the highest performance.

With 169 points, Carnival Gaming, headed by Omega, took fourth place in the competition. On the last day, the lineup hit its stride and moved up into the top five. In the Grand Finals, they made sure there were 73 frags and two Chicken Dinners.

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Prize Distibution

The ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series LAN Finals prize fund is distributed as follows :

  • Entity Gaming – INR 28,17,500.
  • IQOO Soul – INR 11,97,500.
  • Chemin Esports – INR 7,85,000.
  • Carnival Gaming – INR 6,32,500.
  • Orangutan – INR 6,17,500.
  • Revenant Esports – INR INR 5,60,000.
  • OR Esports – INR 5,22,500.
  • Team Forever – INR 3,97,500.
  • Global Esports – INR 4,27,500.
  • Blind Esports – INR 3,85,000.
  • Team iFlicks – INR 5,57,500.
  • Hydra Esports – INR 2,32,500.
  • WSB Gaming – INR 2,12,500.
  • Gods Reign – INR 2,30,000.
  • Gujarat Tigers – INR 1,52,500.
  • GenxFM Esports – INR 1,07,500.

Over the last two days, Orangutan Gaming has lost steam and is now ranked sixth overall. With two Chicken Dinners and 162 points, the Ash-led team won. In the Finale, the team’s seasoned BGMI player, AKop, was named MVP.

On Day 2, Team iFlicks won two Chicken Dinners, but they had trouble in their last six games. With 125 points, the squad that was underdog finished in eleventh place. Hydra Officials had a mediocre performance in this competition, earning 107 points to place 12th.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth place went to Revenant, OR Esports, and Team Forever, respectively. Since the first day of play, WSB Gaming has seemed under pressure and finished in 13th position with 95 points. Gods Reign fell short of the expectations of the supporters, as the Destro-led team lost a lot of their games in the ESL BGMI Pro Series Finals. With 90 points, they came in at position 14.

Shadow’s Gujarat Tigers got the game off in a promising manner but were unable to maintain a steady effort. With 79 points, they came in 15th place overall in the standings. Genxfm finished the competition in 16th position with 53 points after failing to perform at the LAN.

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