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EsportsXO secures next funding round from Orbit Startups and SucSEED Indovation

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EsportsXO secures next funding round from Orbit Startups and SucSEED Indovation

EsportsXO gets funded by Orbit Startups and SucSEED Indovation –

EsportsXO, a SaaS-based platform to design, launch and manage online gaming competitions, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Orbit Startups and SucSEED Indovation, two leading venture capital firms that focus on emerging and frontier markets.

Vikas Goel, CEO and Co-Founder of EsportsXO, stated in a statement, “XO aims to become the largest game and player discovery platform for gamers.” Game advertising is a $130 billion business. With BattleXO, we are not only targeting players, but also game creators and tournament organisers, allowing them to harness technology for scalable reach through data-driven advertising. The additional funding will enable us to tackle the next major hurdle – extending our company’s size and customer base.”
EsportsXO secures next funding round from Orbit Startups and SucSEED Indovation
“The esports market in India is taking off, driven not only by a growing fan base and the professionalisation of competitive gamers, but also by the involvement of both local and international brands,” Oscar Ramos, Managing General Partner at Orbit Startups and Venture Partner at SOSV, said. These companies acknowledge the industry’s value to future customers. The EsportsXO platform is created from the ground up to improve the experience and maximise revenue for all parties in the ecosystem.”
EsportsXO is a SaaS-based platform to design, launch, and manage online esports tournaments by building a community for console, PC, and mobile gamers across the world on a unified platform,” stated Vikrant Varshney, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SucSEED Indovation Fund. They have hosted over 25,000 events, had 1000+ tournament organisers on their platform, have produced over $4 million in lifetime income with less than $1.5 million spent, and have awarded over $100,000 in sponsored incentives.”
EsportsXO secures next funding round from Orbit Startups and SucSEED Indovation
EsportsXO, founder  Vikas Goel, Utsav Umang, and Rohit Raj, intends to bring holistic value to the whole gaming ecosystem by catering to the demands of gamers, game developers, and marketers. Through community-building and targeted advertising, the platform interacts with game creators and marketers to increase awareness within the vibrant Gen Z gaming community.

About EsportsXO –

EsportsXO was launched in 2020 by a team of gamers, nerds, techies, athletes, creators and dreamers who wanted to provide the best solutions and support for tournament organizers. The platform, named Battle XO, allows anyone to create, host and participate in online gaming tournaments for various games such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant, FIFA and more. EsportsXO also offers a pool of highly active gamers, a panel of expert gamers, a marketplace for gaming-related services, a streaming platform and a gaming house for content creation and talent management.

EsportsXO claims to have hosted over 10,000 tournaments with more than 1.5 million participants and 50 million viewers. Some of the notable events that EsportsXO has organized or partnered with include Rooter Pro Scrims, Infinix Note 10 Pro ESPL, India Today Dangal, iQOO All Stars Cup, MX Gaming Lounge and AMD Gamezone World Esports Cup.

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