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How Popular Is Valorant: Player Statistics and Numbers

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Valorant popalarity

While everyone is talking about the popularity of BGMI and Counter Strike and their fan following these days. Valorant has been gaining followers and players day by day. After three years the valorant has finally taken a leap and gained active players. 

Before we move ahead towards the numbers of player count. Let me clarify that there are no definite numbers as it grows everyday and the developers are yet to disclose the real numbers. So, we will estimate how much the game has?


Numbers of people play Valorant?

According to Tracker Network it has hit an estimated total of well over 19 million active players in March 2024. The bar hits up when 19 million people have played at least one game in the past 30 days.

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According to the Riot games they gave a data of 28 million monthly players in which 70 %of players are the new generation Gen Z. 

Even the giants like Counter Strike 2 released in the market valorant has been gaining the popularity and active players every day of around four million active players per day.

Even these numbers are just an approximate. It is impressive data that it keeps growing everyday in  just three years after its release,it has accomplished those numbers. 

Future Predictions of Valorant

It doesn’t seem to stop in the near future or in the future. It seems it will break all the records of active players in history.

The Riot Games have also supported and showed the reliability of games with the tactical FPS shooter genre.

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Esport has been taking a leap in the last few years and gamers like shroud , cryo and more are supporting the game . It doesn’t seem that it is going to stop before making history. 

We will keep updating the number of Valorant player count.So, join with us and keep counting . 

Q- When Valorant was released?

A-  On June 2, 2020 valorant was being released.

Q- Which Game engine Valorant uses?

A- Unreal Engine 4 was used to create Riot Games’ well-known tactical first-person shooter.

Q- Who is the first member of Valorant?

A- The two first operatives and members of the Protocol were Brimstone and Viper, who later rose to the position of leader and second-in-command, respectively. It is also well known that Omen was a key figure in the establishment of the VP.