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How to Play Counter-Strike 2?

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Counter -Strike -2

Counter-Strike 2 has finally been released and is playable for everyone on PC. Here is how to get into CS2 and start playing the sequel to CS: GO. 

The long-awaited sequel to CSGO, Counter-Strike 2 is now available for old players and newcomers alike. CS2 has a ton of new improvements over its predecessor with fresh new maps, better graphics, and a brand-new ratings system. 

If you are wondering how to download and play CSGO2 on your platform, we have got you covered. This guide will discuss everything from CSGO2 download and whether your skins and collectables will carry over to the new game. 

How to Play Counter-Strike 2?

For players of CS: GO, Counter-Strike 2 will be available as an update to the game in your Steam library. Simply download and install the update to play Counter-Strike 2.

However, if you have not played CS: GO before and are starting a new game, you can download the game from Steam. It is completely free to download, so you can enjoy the tactical FPS shooter without spending a single penny. 

As of now, CS2 is only available for Windows and Linux players. According to Valve, it will not be released for MacOS. 

Moreover, if you had Prime Status in CS: GO before, it will be carried over to Counter-Strike 2. The Prime status reduces the likelihood of encountering cheaters in ranked play and allows you to earn better cosmetics and get ranks. 

Are Skins and Collectables Transferrable to CS2?

According to Valve, existing players will keep all of their skins and collectables from CS: GO in CS2. While all the skins and stickers are the same as before, they have new appearances, especially with enhanced graphics of Counter-Strike 2. 

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Additionally, the new game provides additional functionality in the form of case openings, trade-up contracts, applying and removing stickers, and more. 

Beginner Tips for Counter-Strike 2

If you are new to Counter-Strike 2 and FPS games in general, here are some beginner tips and tricks that will help you get started with CS2. 

Crosshair Placement is Key

If you have ever played FPS games before, you know how important crosshair placement is. In FPS games, you naturally want to aim at enemy’s heads to get an instant kill. To make this easier, you should practice keeping your crosshair at head level so you have to make minimal micro adjustments and just click and shoot. 

Prefire Angles

Prefiring is a technique that pros use regularly. As you get accustomed to the maps of CS2, you will be able to predict where the enemies will emerge from. Shooting the angles before the enemy is about to peek or just shooting the area where you think an enemy might be hiding can easily get you a free kill. 

Peek Carefully

Peeking is when you quickly move out of cover to check an angle or gather information. If your reaction and aim are on point you can get an easy frag on an enemy who doesn’t suspect your presence. 

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That being said, you should avoid standing in the open for too long as you are exposed to many angles and enemies can shoot you from various angles. 

Take Out Your Knife to Move Faster

CS2 weapons are heavy and slow down your player. If you want to travel a long distance (from site A to site B) and you believe the area is safe to move without a weapon, you can whip out your knife to move at a faster speed. This will help you cover more ground and save precious seconds that can be used to assist your teammates or defuse the bomb. 

Learn Callouts

CS2 is a multiplayer tactical FPS shooter which means acquiring and sharing information about the map and enemies with your squad is crucial. Playing with a microphone instead of typing will help you make faster callouts and communicate better with your team. 

Moreover, different areas of the map have different names and it is important to learn all of them. For instance, most maps have an area in the middle called ‘Mid,’ along with bomb sites A and B. 

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There are a ton of other map-specific areas and walkways that you will have to memorise to master the game. Additionally, there are several commands like AFK(away from keyboard) dictating that you are not online, ENTRY FRAG(first kill of the round), FLASH(blinding enemies), MOLLY(short for molotov cocktail), and a lot more that you should learn for efficient communication. 

Q. Is Counter-Strike 2 free to play?

Ans. Yes, just like other Valve games, Counter-Strike 2 will be free to play and can be downloaded from Steam. 

Q. Will Prime Status from CS:GO transfer to CS2?

Ans. Yes, according to Valve, the user’s prime status from CS:GO will transfer to Counter-Strike 2. 

Q. Is Counter-Strike 2 available on consoles?

Ans. As of now, Valve has no official plans to release CS2 on consoles like PS5 or Xbox. Console users can still play CS: GO.