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Best CS2 Crosshair Codes Used by Pros (2024): s1mple, ZywOo, NiKo, donk and More

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What are the best CS2 crosshairs? We have compiled a list of the best crosshair codes in CS2 used by some of the very best players in the world like s1mple, ZywOo, NiKo and more. 

Choosing the perfect crosshair in Counter-Strike 2 is crucial if you want to hit those clean headshots and control your sprays. However, this is a challenging task. If you pick a large crosshair, you might block potential targets from your sightline whereas a smaller crosshair lacks in long-distance shooting. 

By default, CS2 gives you a dynamic green crosshair. However, this does not get the job done as the crosshair’s movement can be distracting in gameplay. A status crosshair is the most popular option as it stays still when you fire or move. 

Moreover, Counter-Strike 2 allows you to customize your crosshair quite easily. There are limitless options when it comes to crosshair tweaking. However, to save yourself some time, here are the best CS2 crosshairs used by pro players in the game. 

Best CS2 Crosshairs Used by Pro Players

We have created a list of the best CS2 crosshairs used by players like s1mple, ZywOo, NiKo, and more, including both AWPers and rifles. Moreover, it is important to note that crosshair dimensions can look bigger or smaller depending on your screen resolution(16:9, 4:3, 16:10). 

s1mple CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-dzaQA-FyBsr-Kctrk-pXHz8-HbywQ

NAVI’s s1mple is arguably one of the best players in Counter-Strike, dismantling entire teams with his AWPing skills. He uses a simple dot crosshair, with cyan colouring, and a 4:3 resolution. While s1mple primarily fills the AWPer role, his skills with rifles are clean and precise. 

Even though s1mple is taking a break from competition, he streams his games and is constantly grinding to return to the big stage once again. 

ZywOo CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-Qzpx5-BRLw8-xFPCS-hTns4-GHDhP

ZywOo is a major player in CS2 who is renowned for his AWPing skills. He is regarded as one of the best AWPers by the CS community but he has shown himself to be very skilled with the AK. This is largely due to his small green crosshair that allows you to lock on the enemy’s heads with relative ease. 

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However, he is known to change crosshairs quite often so this might not be his permanent crosshair. 

NiKo CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-Kt7BO-irudC-fuRod-y5fjA-fuzQN

Nikolai ‘NiKo’ Kovac, popularly known as G2 NiKo is arguably one of the best rifles in the world, adept with the AK. While you may not be able to play as well as this monster of a player, you can at least copy his crosshair and try to click heads in your ranked matches. 

donk CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-SeEcx-SnBm2-xLmxK-ALyXo-uTaUN

donk is a 17-year-old prodigy who has made a name for himself in a short time with his exceptional performance at IEM Katowice 2024. The CS2 community went nuts on his entry, and thousands of players copied his crosshair to try and play like him. 

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While they may not be as good as donk, they can at least try to copy his crosshair. 

mONESY CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-jwHia-EObbX-qV9j8-qBzZT-ey3JE

G2 mONESY uses a cyan-coloured crosshair and is a beast with it. Although he has only been in the pro scene for a few years, he has more than proved himself with his AWPing skills and is one of the most exciting players to watch. 

However, he is known to change his crosshair frequently so we could see him with something new very soon. 

dev1ce CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-KNZyr-R7dK8-4fhTU-2OUA2-hif4D

Although he spent some time away from the pro scene, Astralis player Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz is back with a bang with a stellar individual performance. He uses a yellowish crosshair to hit clinical headshots and dismantle enemy teams. 

Twistzz CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-YdL4P-d4kJy-eq2pc-M8Yxa-zqLDR

Twistzz is Team Liquid’s ace rifler who uses a simple cyan crosshair to click heads. He is arguably the best North American player of all time and he does it with a simple crosshair. 

ropz CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-HhqGJ-sDkmR-W9oNx-DvQOF-xpuCQ

Robin ‘ropz’ Kool is renowned as one of the players with unparalleled mechanical skills in Counter-Strike. He plays with Team Liquid alongside Twistzz and was even accused by many pros of cheating before he joined the pro scene. 

Obviously, those allegations were false as he has impeccable aim with a green crosshair. 

Sh1ro CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-oit62-q2AsV-L2SHE-3hoEJ-cMwLA

Although he doesn’t get the same praise as his competitors like s1mple and ZywOo, Dmitriy ‘sh1ro’ Sokolov is a beast in his own right. He plays for Team Spirit and uses a unique faded yellow colour crosshair. 

Ax1Le CS2 Crosshair

Code: CSGO-nZtuj-eHzcb-8fyLe-Cxbwc-NHpEM

Cloud9’s Sergey ‘Ax1Le’ Rykhtorov is gradually making a name for himself as one of the best rifles in the world. He gives heavy competition and is a threat to the crown of NiKo as the ‘King of AK.’ If his crosshair suits your playstyle, you can give it a try from the code above. 

broky (FaZe)CSGO-2uABj-Rr3dC-yhVt3-bXe8v-tDu8O
b1t (NAVI)CSGO-9OysP-sFw9b-dHiXx-VXUA2-hif4D
karrigan (FaZe)CSGO-CP44i-z2D7K-dpJhE-TvPaj-MaMbM
Magisk (Falcons)CSGO-Ch7e4-W6rmt-rj9Tw-2HmUn-RfK5O
rain (FaZe)CSGO-mbppN-WGdqq-XeBH8-bmdyV-fxwPB
XANTARES (Eternal Fire)CSGO-UOrzd-vO3VJ-d9GDb-f96Sj-K564E
cadiaN (Team Liquid)CSGO-OsK33-i3cCK-C3HFj-8NFp3-HpCxH
electroNic (Cloud9)CSGO-RF8AU-LQcx8-erXvR-V45TS-Rx6KQ
NAF (Liquid)CSGO-EETNw-LVXuB-spcMc-LmGSt-R5c7L
jame (VP)CSGO-kQLy3-knZHs-y5tkt-wF7Ca-c8ksF
k0nfig (NIP)CSGO-jPHWX-2Rv8b-oAAaP-eRHBs-pevvE
jabbi (Astralis)CSGO-4PQMC-kA9Ho-muNQv-9u2BJ-tLXoN
Patsi (Parivision)CSGO-ty4wQ-Va3B2-rMK8r-ROvoR-yopJN
Spinx (Vitality)CSGO-HsTKJ-UzdPk-qvWjm-Y2FDE-eJH8D
headtr1ck (NIP)CSGO-CmPqs-mhQJt-YmNOa-XhqMq-HvDmQ
tabseN (BIG)CSGO-xjXqo-C9vj8-kzmGn-UKdLu-HRsuL
w0nderful (NAVI)CSGO-jhrTh-eXR6k-6LeUL-C5ukE-FkdVG
apEX (Vitality)CSGO-idk3k-MD5qw-6b9rH-tr7u7-KPh8E
FalleN (Furia)CSGO-TpORA-p9Ley-TLQ3P-HzXJY-U9z6A
HObbit (Cloud9)CSGO-tNKL3-nvYRR-MyrEa-Ds9kN-bkWjM
Hunter (G2)CSGO-fefXh-O6xYZ-FdCHQ-OP9Kq-qKwLA
Suihy (MOUZ)CSGO-POePx-nrfn5-rRXKx-tZASS-fcEBM
FlameZ (Vitality)CSGO-VxTDO-uUGK3-wsSfC-kO6Yz-iyXsO
Aleksib (NAVI)CSGO-Jp4hk-AfzML-FcpUT-2pfxZ-kSLoD
JKS (No Team)CSGO-Un7wk-YEcd5-YUnK4-eoFqZ-LbRVP
Nertz (Heroic)CSGO-BKWBy-hHOaB-Hp9CR-hFWX4-T3SKF
SunPayus (Falcons)CSGO-fBSrW-FdDK7-5PyDT-44XfM-2zpxA
jL (NAVI)CSGO-9dfjd-wceEf-XpL53-uTWTC-OM6FP
Hext (NRG)CSGO-BbpMk-MmUC6-ARdeP-jXptx-p4FyB
FL1T (VP)CSGO-fJuKk-iQHe3-LaZ3E-KxztJ-DqmHB
KennyS (Retired)CSGO-uS4Vm-DRWHr-CVvFA-OZpMu-VtjjD
chopper (Team Spirit)CSGO-HQHVG-KsvGP-QKZvd-Kr5xZ-OP3ED
zont1x (Team Spirit)CSGO-XffpE-XpSex-4cCjW-A2tVW-FTsFF
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How to Change Crosshairs in CS2?

Similar to CS: GO, you can import crosshair codes in CS2 through the game settings menu and import the crosshair code you want to use. Here are the steps for importing a new crosshair in CS2. 

Step-1 Open the Settings menu and click on the Game tab

Step- 2 Click on the Crosshair tab and find the Share or Import crosshair located at the bottom left. 

Step- 3 Copy any crosshair code you want, paste it into the dialogue box, and click Import

Voila! You now have a new crosshair of a pro player. 


Final Words

These are the best CSGO crosshairs of some of the best pro players in Counter-Strike history. However, it is important to remember that a crosshair change alone will not make you better. You need to work on your aim, crosshair placement, game sense, and a plethora of other factors to master CS2. All of these pro players spend hours daily to train themselves for the big stage. If you also want to master Counter-Strike 2 and become a pro player, you can join an online gaming course to hone your skills.