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India’s Popular Rapper Raftaar Joins Kick 2023

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India’s Popular Rapper Raftaar Joins Kick 2023

Rapper Raftaar : India’s Popular Rapper Raftaar Joins Kick

Rapper Raftaar, one of the most prominent rappers in India, has agreed to sign on to Kick, the disagreeable streaming service that debuted in December of last year. He has generated a lot of buzz around the nation as the nation’s first hip-hop artist to sign up for the platform.

In addition to being a musician, Raftaar enjoys playing video games, particularly on mobile devices. He even made the official Ratata music video for PUBG: NEW STATE.


First Stream Tonight

India’s Popular Rapper Raftaar Joins Kick 2023
Image Source – facebook

Indian gamers and music lovers were taken aback when Dilin Nair, better known by his stage name Raftaar, made a rather mysterious announcement about his arrival on Kick.

Raftaar chose to publish a single Instagram story announcing his live appearance on Kick on November 14 at 9:00 IST, rather than posting a message on any of his social media pages.

He withheld any further information about this livestream, which piqued everyone’s curiosity and generated a lot of hype, but it also gave rise to some serious rumours among the general public.

Some speculate that the release of his highly anticipated album, in the near future, may be connected to his first stream on Kick.

Raftaar’s Collaboration with Stake and Transition to Kick

Raftaar Joins Kick Streaming platform; know more about the platform - CricLiving

Image Source – twitter

Kick, a rapidly expanding video live-streaming platform, is central to the merging sites of online gaming and entertainment. The well-known streaming personality Bijan Tehrani and Ed Craver, Tyler “Trainwreckstv” Faraz Niknam, along with, co-founders of Stake, a cryptocurrency gambling and sports betting website, are among those who significantly support the platform. This association puts Kick in a difficult situation; although its activities are lawful, some observers find the company’s connection to gambling through Stake to be morally dubious.

Public criticism of Raftaar’s promotion of a betting and gambling platform has brought attention to the ongoing discussion concerning the morality of such high-profile endorsements. Raftaar has disabled public comments on his Stake-related Twitter posts in reaction to criticism, but he hasn’t done the same on his Instagram account.

The involvement of well-known Indian hip-hop artist Raftaar further complicates this situation. Raftaar has been actively promoting Stake on his social media platforms since the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 began. Three tweets on October 19, October 22, and November 4 are among his promotional efforts. On November 13th, he posted an Instagram reel. There has been some controversy surrounding these posts, which seem to point to a possible partnership with Stake.

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Raftaar, a popular rapper in India, has joined the streaming service Kick, generating excitement as the first hip-hop artist to sign up for the platform. However, his association with Stake, a gambling website, has sparked criticism and raised questions about the morality of such endorsements.When Raftaar goes live on Kick later tonight, more details might become available, and we’ll make sure to keep you guys informed.