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NoScope Gaming : 350 Cr Investment in Esports and Ed Tech

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Noscope Gaming

NoScope Gaming’s partnership with Kerala government

NoScope Gaming from Hyderabad is thrilled to share its amazing partnership with the Government of Kerala, featuring a long-term vision and goals for the sports industry in the region. This is a big step to change how esports and education tech work. A significant turning point for sports and education in the area, this cooperation was unveiled during the International Sports Summit Kerala 2024 (ISSK 2024), a hugely successful event.

NoScope Gaming introduced the KEA (KERALA ESPORTS APEX) project, which aims to advance the growth of esports, at the summit. With an investment of 3.5 billion (INR 350 Cr.), NSG urged the Kerala government to support esports education and technology throughout the state, establishing a cooperative endeavour for growth and innovation.

A centrepiece of ISSK 2024, the NSG Arena elicited positive responses from ministers, sports magnates, and former Indian cricket players. At the summit, NoScope Gaming CEO Ravi Achanta presented a bold project plan that caught the interest of many in attendance, including delegates, ministers, and members of the press. His viewpoint regarding the objective of Noscope Gaming is nothing less than revolutionary.

Declaring with pride that “we are the leaders in India, bringing grassroots development and talent identification in esports, with the goal of putting India front and centre on the global competitive gaming map,” The goal is very clear: by coaching and assisting young people in achieving their goals and encouraging a good play culture, esports will be developed as a viable career alternative.

Image Source : Hindustan Times

A large audience watched as more than fifty players engaged in a fierce brawl on a large platform. This show showcased the enormous potential of esports in the centre of Kerala in addition to captivating the audience. That moment was explosive, revealing the unchecked energy and excitement that esports may bring to the cutting-edge of entertainment.

India’s e-sports scene has not only expanded but flourished, drawing a large national audience and elite players from all around the country.

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The Vision of NoScope Gaming

“The goal when Noscope Gaming was founded was to give interested students a route into esports professions by giving them the right kind of support and infrastructure for development on a number of levels. NoScope Gaming’s Director, Deepesh Indrapal Solanki, highlighted the need of taking students’ enthusiasm for gaming to the next level. Known for playing a real-life figure in the Walt Disney film “Million Dollar Arm,” Deep emphasised that ISSK 2024’s The NSG Arena showed esports’ potential as a popular sport. This collaboration guarantees a holistic approach to growth by signifying a dedication to the advancement of esports as well as the incorporation of state-of-the-art educational technology programmes in schools throughout Kerala.”

Making Kerala a leader in esports globally is the goal of NoScope Gaming’s KEA initiative for the Government of Kerala. Using cutting edge technology in sports rehabilitation facilities, establishing technology-driven training centres for talent development, integrating esports into school curricula, organising competitive championships to showcase Kerala’s prowess in esports, and more are all part of this initiative.

The legacy of NoScope Gaming and Kerala government

“We are committed to leaving a legacy; our journey with the Keralan government is more than just a cooperative effort. Director of NoScope Gaming Balaji Reddymasu stated, “We want to empower the youth, develop talent, and add to Kerala’s cultural fabric through esports and ed tech.”

It is a true accomplishment to receive such a favourable feedback. Having heard nothing but great feedback from all parties, NoScope Gaming felt even more confident about this project. “ISSK 2024 demonstrated unequivocally the state’s esports industry’s rising popularity. We hope to use NoScope Gaming’s experience to develop and improve Kerala’s esports scene through this relationship,” NoScope Gaming Project Head Abhinandan Mukherjee said.

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