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PUBG Mobile World Cup 2024 Riyadh

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PUBG Mobile World Cup (PMWC) 2024 Riyadh

The PUBG Esports Mobile World Cup 2024 will take place between July 19 and 28 in Riyadh. In this huge competition with a massive prize pool worth $3,000,000, a total of 28 different teams from various tournaments will participate. This contest is the second international PUBG competition of 2018. Several of the best teams in the country will face off against each other.

Duksan Tianba TJB and TJB were the three teams who secured their spots in this year’s competition. Many regional events have been held, in which teams battle to qualify themselves for the World Cup.

PMWC 2024 Dates and Format

The PMWC is divided into three phases : Group Stages, Survival Stages, and the Main Stage.

Group Stage – July 19 to 21,

The initial 3-day phase will include 24 teams. There will be 3 groups, each with 8 teams. The top 12 teams on the table of overall scores will get to play in the Main Stage. All the others will go into the Survival Stage.

Survival stage – 23 and 24-07

The two day Round will feature 16 teams including 4 direct invitees as well as 12 from the previous phase. In 12 games the 16 teams competing will determine the Top 4 who move onto the Main Stage. The PMWC is set to be eliminated from its 2024 edition if the bottom 12 players are not removed.

Main stage – 26th to 28th July

The final and third World Cup stage will consist of 16 teams who have qualified from the first two stages. These teams will play 18 matches against each other.

Slot distribution PMWC2024

This year, the competition will include 28 countries. You can see the World Cup schedule here :

  • Southeast Asia – 6 teams
  • Central and South Asia – 5 teams
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) – 5 teams
  • Americas – 4 teams
  • South Korea – 1 team
  • Japan – 2 teams
  • China – 2 teams
  • PMRC South Korea and Japan event – 1 team
  • Special Invite – 2 teams

Japan was awarded an extra place for the PMWC due to Reject’s recent victory in Brazil at the PUBG Mobil Global Open 2024. The organizer did not reveal the names of any special invitees. This 10 days event is also being broadcast live on different platforms. Fans are also able to watch live from the stadium.

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