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Team GodLike is Seventh in BGIS 2024 Round 4 Group 1.

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Team GodLike ranks seventh in BGIS 2024 Round 4 Group 1

Team GodLike stumbled a little bit in Group I of BGIS 2030 and finished with 39, which included 28 eliminated matches. They struggled to get points and did not win any games. Jelly led lineup could not make the Semifinals thanks to its poor performances. In order to continue, the team will compete for a Wildcard Entry.

Prime Esports placed first, with 52 finishers and 78 points. The team also posted two Chicken Dinners during its six matchups. Zero Recoil, Team 8Bit, Team Limra occupied the second, third, & fourth positions with 52 (Team 8Bit), 49 (Team Limra), and 47 respectively. All these 4 teams are in the Semifinals.

Forever & Medal two teams with more experience failed, also finished in 5th and 6th place, respectively Each of the three teams can redeem themselves by competing in Wildcard entries.

Point Table

GodLike increased its score by 8 points. Admino led the squad with 5 eliminations. TMG ended up winning the match after scoring 22.

GodLike struggled in its third match. They only scored two points. Earlier in the game, two members of this team were injured. Zero Recoil, who capitalized on the events of the match to win with 24 goals.

GodLike’s Jelly survival game helped them score 8 points for the 4th match. Team 8Bit however won the competition with 18 point. Prime Esports posted 19 critical points, which was also an excellent performance.

Jelly and his team have failed in both of their last BGIS matches. They only collected seven points. Only 16 spots remain in the Semifinals of BGIS Wildcard.

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