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Skyesports BGMI Champions Series 2024 Semifinals Day 5

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Skyesports BGMI Champions Series 2024

In the Skyesports BGMI Champions Series 2024 Semifinals, Team Soul ascended to the top spot on Day 5. Through 20 games, the Manya-led team has accumulated 179 points, including 127 kills. In second place, only three points separated them and five Chicken Dinners were won by Team Tamilas. With 168 points, Entity Gaming secured the third spot.

Orangutan Gaming finished in fifth place with 132 points, despite not having any Chicken Dinner. With 116 points, Team XSpark was ranked ninth. Hydra Official and Blind scored 114 and 107 points, respectively, to place 12th and 15th.

By Day 5, Gods Reign, under the command of Destro, ranked 19th with 90 points. With eighty-five points, GodLike Esports dropped to twenty-one. With 80 and 63 points, respectively, OR Esports and Marcos Gaming came in 22nd and 23rd place. The last four games between these teams will take place on March 4, 2024.

Results for Day 5 of the 2024 Skyesports BGMI Champions Series Semifinals

Match 25 : Miramar

With player Sarthak eliminating six opponents, CS Esports put on a fantastic display that helped them win the opening round of the day with 22 points. Team 8Bit and Soul secured 16 and 13 crucial points, in that order. Five kills were enough to give Chemin Esports eight points.

Match 26 : Erangel

In the rematch, Entity Gaming won admirably by 29 points thanks in part to Troye’s eight kills. For their names, Blind, XSpark, and Aerobotz received 14, 12, and 10 points, respectively. With one point, Team Soul was eliminated after losing their first few matches.

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Match 27 : Sanhok

Chemin Esports won a 17-point Chicken Dinner after a fierce battle in the end zone against OR Esports. Marcos received ten points, while Apollo, a BGMI star for GodLike Esports, recorded four kills to earn his team eight points.

Match 28 : Miramar

With 20 points after showcasing their incredible run in this match, Reckoning Esports won. With nine eliminations, Revenant Esports scored 15 points. Entity had an aggressive performance, earning them 10 points.

Match 29 : Erangel

With a massive 28-point Chicken Dinner, Team Tamilas astounded everyone. MrIGL, their BGMI pro, has seven kills to his credit. Wingod scored ten, Chemin scored eleven, and Team XSpark scored ten.

Match 30 : Vikendi

To change the subject, Team Soul won the final game of Day 5 by a commanding 30-point margin. Nakul, their BGMI virtuoso, claimed seven kills. Chemin received nine points, Revenant received nine, and Enigma Gaming received ten.

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