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Skyesports Champions Series BGMI Quarter Finals Group B Semi Finals Qualified Teams

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Skyesports Champions Series BGMI

With the completion of the Skyesports Champions Series BGMI 2024 Quarter Finals Group B, the top 9 teams advanced to the Semi Finals. Six matches a day, on February 19 and 20, were contested in the Group B Quarter Finals. It was possible for some of the more experienced teams, such as Reckoning Esports and Team 8Bit, to provide reliable results. The squads from OST Esports and Aerobotz Esports also fought valiantly against more seasoned opponents.

Skyesports Champions Series BGMI Quarter Finals Group B Semi Finals

Skyesports Champions Series 2024 : Group B Quarterfinals Summary

Top of the standings with 116 points and one chicken supper, Big Brother Esports was the most reliable squad. In second place, Team Tamilas collected 114 points, including two chicken dinners. Finishes accounted for 67 of these points. With 89 points and two chicken dinners, Aerobotz Esports finished third despite putting up a steady performance. With one chicken supper and 87 points, OST Esports finished fourth.

The following groups from Group B have advanced to the Semi Finals :

  • Big Brother Esports.
  • Team Tamilas.
  • Aerobotz Esports.
  • OST Esports.
  • Reckoning Esports.
  • Team 8Bit.
  • WindGod Esports.
  • Chemin Esports.
  • Marcos Gaming.

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Group B BGMI Points Table for the Skyesports Champions Series 2024 Quarter Finals :

2TEAM TAMILAS2124767114
4OST ESPORTS112295887
6TEAM 8BIT112275178
10RAVEN ESPORTS212303363
11FS ESPORTS012194261
12TEAM ZERO112213960
16TEAM NAVII01231518

Fifth-place Reckoning Esports earned 79 points and one meal of chicken. With only one chicken supper, Team 8Bit got 78 points, placing sixth overall and displaying aggressive gaming. With 71 points and one chicken supper, the incoming WindGod Esports team finished seventh. Another up-and-coming team, Chemin Esports, managed to score 69 points with a steady play. With 68 points 46 from finishes Marcos Gaming finished in ninth position.

Along with some more seasoned teams like Team 8Bit and Reckoning Esports, emerging teams like Aerobotz Esports, OST Esports, WindGod Esports, and Chemin Esports dominated the Group B Quarter Finals overall. A few seasoned teams, like FS Esports and Team Zero, were unable to provide wins on a regular basis and were ousted from the competition.

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