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Tips to Land and Clear Flat in  BGMI

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In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), landing swiftly and precisely is essential for gaining an advantage over your rivals. Learning rapid landing techniques will greatly enhance your gaming, whether you’re hot-dropping into busy places or using measured leaps to reach distant destinations. We’ll go through the most important advice and methods for effective landings in this manual to help you rule the battlefield.

Landing at a height of 750–1500 metres

Follow these procedures for a quick landing when your chosen landing place is between 750 and 1500 metres from the flight path:

  • Maintain Straight Flight: When the camera first drops, fly straight forward while keeping it completely up.
  • Change to a 45-Degree Angle: To drop swiftly, adjust your joystick to a 45-degree angle after you are a set distance from your desired destination (let’s call this “X”). To compute “X,” deduct your intended distance from 1500. For instance, X = 1500 – 1000 = 500 metres if your destination is 1000 metres away. From the 500-meter mark, begin gliding downward at a 45-degree angle, keeping your camera pointed downward.

Flying Far (3000 metres at most)

Follow these instructions for an extended glide if you need to travel far from the flight path:

  • Wait for the Right Angle: When your drop-off location is around 3000 metres distant, it should be at a 90-degree angle to the plane’s course.
  • Jump and glide: When the button appears, jump out of the plane straight up while opening your parachute as soon as possible. Without pressing the joystick, begin gliding in the direction you want to go. Doing so would enhance your speed and cause you to land sooner.

Ensure Quick and Accurate Landing

You should pay attention to the following advice to land precisely and quickly:

  • Before placing your landing location marker, zoom onto the minimap to make sure it is placed precisely. A good landing depends on a well-placed marker.
  • Keep your phone steady and the camera angle totally down while flying in a lateral motion. You can maintain your maximum speed (234 km/h) while flying in this posture.
  • Avoid Pressing the “I” Button: When gliding or flying, avoid pressing the “I” button because doing so will slow you down and make it harder to land.
  • In order to analyse the environment and coordinate your landing, speak with your colleagues if you are leaping with them. To correctly land where you want to, leap out of the plane in these circumstances 15 to 20 metres sooner than usual.

Landing in 780 metres or less

Use the following method for landing areas that are fewer than 780 metres from the flight path:

  • Jump off the plane at a distance of 780 metres from your intended landing spot and fly sideways while tilting your joystick up to a 45-degree angle. The quickest landing speed is guaranteed by this strategy.
  • Maintain your plane’s diagonal orientation on the screen throughout this drop, and preserve the camera angle all the way down.

Effective flat clearance is one of BGMI’s key components. These multi-story buildings frequently conceal precious treasure and offer advantageous view positions. This essay will discuss clearing flats and provide advice and tactics to assist you successfully negotiate these dangerous locales.

Key Techniques for Flat Clearing in BGMI

Evaluation of the Situation

It’s important to check the surroundings and the circumstances before entering the apartment complex. Calculate the number of players who could have landed close by analysing the plane’s trajectory. Keep an eye out for any unlocked doors or signs of recent activity since they might point to the presence of adversaries. By performing this first evaluation, you’ll be able to plan your strategy and reduce any unexpected contacts. Before you go to the apartments, put acquiring weapons, ammo, protection gear, and medical supplies first.

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Collaboration and communication

Use voice chat or the in-game messaging system to communicate quickly. Discuss the best course of action, assign jobs, and create a clear strategy for the assault with your colleagues in a squad environment. Accordingly, responsibilities should be delegated, such as breaching, keeping an eye on particular locations, and locating enemy positions in the game.

Entry Points and Stalling

It’s crucial to take into account all possible entrance points into BGMI residences, including doors, balconies, and windows. Enter with caution as there could be opponents inside waiting for a chance to attack. Select a less frequented or anticipated entry point to surprise your adversaries. Avoid recognisable entrances like the BGMI main door. Instead, search for alternate entryways with a clear view of the inside, such windows or balconies. Remember that some entry sites could provide greater discretion and stealth.

Clearing Areas

Once inside the house, proceed with caution and thoroughly search every space. Upward growth should begin on the ground floor. By using the lean feature, you may securely peer around corners and reduce your exposure to possible risks. Maintain efficient communication with your squad by rapidly communicating opponent positions and any loot finds to enhance situational awareness. Before moving farther into the space after entering a chamber, make sure to inspect all of the neighbouring corners. To lessen the possibility of being taken off guard in BGMI, prioritise examining both the left and right corners.

Grenades and Tactical Adjustment

When it comes to cleaning out residences, grenades are really useful instruments. You may use frag grenades for a variety of tasks, such as clearing out rooms or rousing foes who are hidden behind cover. Smoke grenades, on the other hand, can produce momentary concealment, giving you and your squad the chance to manoeuvre safely or revive fallen comrades. When used wisely, grenades may provide you a big edge in apartment battles by confusing your adversaries and giving you the upper hand. For assistance in locating enemy locations above or below you, pay special attention to aural signals such as footfall.

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Strategic defensive positions in apartments

It is worth thinking about deploying an apartment as a defence position if you have successfully cleared it. Use the balconies and windows to your advantage to preserve a competitive edge over neighbours. You improve your chances of surviving by holding the high ground and establishing a solid defensive stance. Although it might be helpful to use an apartment as a defensive posture, be aware of your surroundings and modify your plan as necessary. Keep an eye on the movement of the zone and make sure you can move around as required.

By becoming an expert at these quick landing techniques, you’ll be able to outrun your competitors and take the lead in competitive games. To hone your landing abilities, clearing flat  and take your BGMI games to the next level, practise these tactics in various situations. Wishing you luck on the front lines!