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What is Double Dribble in Basketball

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Double Dribble

In contrast to travelling violations, which can occasionally be challenging to see, the double dribble is typically one of the simpler basketball regulations for officials to call correctly.

However, what precisely is a basketball double dribble violation?

And what kind of punishment does a player who does so face?

Let’s look at it more closely.

What is Double dribble Basketball?

When a player executes a controlled dribble, stops, and then dribbles the ball once more, it is considered a violation and is whistled. 

It is forbidden for a player to dribble again after they have “picked up” a pass.

You won’t often see this call outside of youth basketball.

Everyone who has played above the beginner level of the game knows that it is forbidden to dribble, stop, and then restart dribbling.

Why is Double Dribble considered as Illegal?

Because they have alternatives, a player who possesses the ball but hasn’t used their dribble is dangerous. They are still able to pass, dribble, and shoot.

However, the offensive player loses their ability to drive after they have “used” their dribble, which allows the defence to put additional pressure on the opponent.

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The defence would have a much harder time stopping a player who is dribbling and stopping repeatedly without passing the ball, and many *star players* would end up dominating the ball for full possessions.

What are the consequences of Double Dribble? 

A turnover is being given on violation of committing a double dribble . In lower levels like high school and college, the ball is being thrown close to the place where the violation has occurred. 

As per NBA guidelines the ball is supposed to be bounded between the free throw line and the baseline to give defence an advantage. 

How to Avoid Double Dribbling?

Teaching players to avoid double dribbling may be a time-consuming and difficult procedure for coaches at the lowest levels.

Inexperienced players are particularly prone to dribbling aimlessly and taking up the ball without knowing what to do with it.

Who can blame a six-year-old for opening his eyes wide and dribbling again if a pathway happens to open up?

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Remember to always enforce the regulation throughout workouts and scrimmages.

Even though the frequent pauses can be annoying, we should start practising avoiding double dribbles right away.

It is a fundamental instrument for basketball success.

Final Words

Players can learn how to avoid the double dribble with some practice and guidance from the coach.

It’s essential for players to learn this fundamental guideline early on because it promotes ball movement and tempo.

Avoiding the double dribble is easy, and most young players should pick it up quickly with just mild reminders.

What is Basketball?

Basketball is a team sport that is typically played indoors on a rectangular court between two teams of five players each. Each side attempts to score by launching the ball through the net and elevated horizontal hoop known as the opponent’s goal, or a basket.

What is rule 5 in basketball?

A player cannot gain control (catch, dribble, shoot) if there are 0.3 seconds (three tenths of a second) remaining in a period and the game is restarted by a throw-in or free throw. In this scenario, scoring a goal is limited to a tap.