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Eminem to Perform Live at Fortnite’s Big Bang Event on 2 December

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Eminem to Perform Live at Fortnite’s Big Bang Event on 2 December

Eminem to Perform Live at Fortnite’s Big Bang Event

Eminem, the iconic artist, has apparently teamed up with Fortnite, one of the most popular online video games in history. Epic Games created the game in 2017, and it has ascended to new heights every day since then. Fortnite obliterated all records with its Chapter 4 Season OG update, with more than 44 million records broken in a single day.

According to Fortnite tipsters on X, the renowned artist Eminem has joined up with Fortnite, following the likes of F1 star Lewis Hamilton, Lady Gaga, and Linkin Park. The account also revealed the next Eminem celebrity skin.

Eminem to Perform Live at Fortnite’s Big Bang Event on 2 December
Image Source – Fortnite

Not only that, but Dexerto’s reports indicate that he will play during the Chapter 4 finale event’s live performance. According to Forbes, there will be three Eminem skin options: Slim Shady, Marshall Never More, and a unique ‘Magma’ variation for those attending the event.

Additionally, the Fortnite Chapter 4 OG Season will conclude next week with a Big Bang live performance and event. Aside from the title confirmation, popular Fortnite leaker HYPEX commented on X about the Fortnite live event title, as well as confirming that the event will be 1.5GB in size, making it the largest live event ever.

Fortnit’s Big Bang Event : How to Join The Event ?

Eminem to Perform Live at Fortnite’s Big Bang Event on 2 December
Image Source – Fortnite

The Big Bang is a Fortnite event that will take place on Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 2 PM ET. The experience will be available on the Battle Royale tile in Discover 30 minutes before the event begins, allowing you to outfit up with any of your cosmetics before the event begins.

Invite your close friends for this event and they’ll allows for parties of up to four players.

Will you be unable to access a dedicated gaming device during the event? The Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Amazon Luna services let you to play Fortnite on your PC or mobile device via cloud streaming.


The Fortnite Big Bang event will undoubtedly signal the conclusion of the Fortnite OG season, and we believe it will be done in a spectacular manner known to Fortnite fans. To drown its fans in nostalgia, Epic Games brought back the old terrain as well as some of the original weapons and cosmetics in the Fortnite OG season update. As a result, the limited-time season provided an opportunity for players to enjoy a remastered version of all of the original content that premiered in 2017.

Eminem to Perform Live at Fortnite’s Big Bang Event on 2 December
Image Source – Fortnite

Epic Games has planned a fantastic sendoff for the Fortnite OG content while also warming us up for the forthcoming new drop since all good things in Fortnite come to an end. The event is known as the Big Bang, and it resembles an apocalyptic disaster that may reset the map and bring in a new season.

Although we have no idea how Fortnite will transition into’something new,’ a reputable leaker has hinted to a musical event prior to the shift. Following Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, rap legend Eminem and his alter ego Slim Shady will appear in this online video game.



What happens after the ‘Fortnite’ Eminem event ?

Though the creators have remained tight-lipped, the teaser poster, along with all of Epic Games’ recent business moves, implies that we are in for another action-packed season of Fortnite. The teaser poster depicts the first space rocket, a combat bus, a toy duck, musical instruments, and a wheel, and it has piqued our interest.

Furthermore, the probable partnership between Fortnite and Lego, which was suggested in November 2023, is likely to produce fruit, maybe by introducing a new game mode inspired by Minecraft, including survival and crafting options. The racing wheel alludes to material created in collaboration with Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League. Furthermore, the musical instruments may hint to some exclusive material created in partnership with the Harmonix rock band studio.

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