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Taki Games and Two3 Labs Introduce ‘Puzzle Smoofs’, a Web 3.0 Game for the Masses

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The “Puzzle Smoofs” game is still under production, but the team is moving quickly toward its introduction on the Taki Games network in March 2024.

With the release of Puzzle Smoofs, the Taki Network’s game library continues to expand quickly. It will be available among well-known Web 3.0-branded games like Game7 Food Fighter and Pac-Cats.

Through its gaming network, Taki Games hopes to introduce Web 3.0 to billions of mobile gamers. To this end, it is collaborating with prominent Web 3.0 communities and corporations that are using gaming to broaden their consumer base.

Taki Games is transforming mobile gaming with their decentralised gaming platform, which adds tokenized prizes, incentives, and ownership of gaming assets to provide players more value.

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The platform’s user-owned network facilitates chances for creators to receive rewards, allowing them to distribute game money to the player communities that play a crucial role in their success.

The term “play-to-earn” gaming has gained a lot of traction in recent years because of the popularity of games like Axie Infinity.

However, because of their poorly designed tokenmomics, the first Web 3.0 games currently run the genuine risk of experiencing token hyperinflation.

By directing revenue from the more than $200 billion traditional gaming market into its innovative rewards program, which is centered around the TAKI token, Taki Games seeks to correct this flawed paradigm.

The foundation of Taki’s “Takinomics” approach, which works to guarantee in-game token value and player rewards for engaging in their preferred games, is the TAKI token.

It uses a unique buy-and-burn system to encourage players to make money while playing games.

The creators of Kabam, one of the first companies to provide free-to-play mobile and social games, are part of the Taki Games team.

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Since its introduction in December 2023, Smoofs has expanded quickly to rank among the most well-liked NFT collections on the Polygon blockchain.

In the two months since its introduction, it has amassed a trading volume of over $300,000 and boasts one of Polygon’s most active communities, which has led to a significant demand for the MOOVE token, which forms the foundation of Two3 Labs’ ecosystem.

The release of the Puzzle Smoofs game will significantly increase the usefulness and attractiveness of the collection, providing NFT holders with a means to engage with their NFTs outside of the typical NFT experiences. The Smoofs NFTs are widely valued for their distinctive artwork and their active community.

The Two3 Labs team gained notoriety before releasing Smoofs because of their Cow Cow NFT collection on MultiversX, which has brought in more than $2 million in sales since February 2023.

Taki Games wants to connect player incentives with money streams on the blockchain.

As the top mobile gaming network, Taki Games gives devoted users the opportunity to become owners of the network and split the profits.

Taki Games offers free-to-play games that provide players TAKI tokens as rewards. The company was founded by a group of pioneers in the gaming business with over 15 years of experience.