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BGIS 2024 The Grind: Standings, India Series qualifiers, and more

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BGIS 2024 The Grind: Standings

BGIS 2024 The Grind

After four weeks of thrilling clashes involving 255 teams, The Grind 2024 tournament came to a close. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series top 64 clubs have been announced. The BGIS 2024 The Grind competition allowed each competitor to engage in a maximum of six bouts. Sensei’s Revenant Esports squad finished first in the competition with 116 points.

With 95 points Team Forever, captained by Owais, came in second. With 93 and 92 points, respectively, Team Soul and Hyderabad Hydras took third and fourth place.

Taem ESCN Esports took fifth place with 87 points. GodLike Esports, under the direction of Jelly, came in seventh place with 81 points, one spot ahead of RIP Mizo. Blind and Team Aaru scored 70 and 69 points, respectively, to guarantee their spots in the top 16.

BGIS 2024 The Grind

BGIS 2024 : The Grind Qualified Teams

Teams ranked 1 through 16 go to the fourth round of the BGIS, while teams ranked 17 through 32 advance to the third round. In the second round, the teams placed 33rd through 64th have taken their places. The top 64 teams in The Grind were as follows :

  1. Revenant Esports
  2. Team Forever
  3. Team Soul
  4. Hyderabad Hydras
  5. ESCN Esports
  6. Tense Esports
  7. GodLike Esports
  8. RIP Mizo
  9. Cratic Esports
  10. Global Esports
  11. Team VST
  12. JUX Esports
  13. Team UP50 Esports
  14. K9 Esports
  15. Blind Esports
  16. Team Aaru
  17. Entity Gaming
  18. Orangutan Gaming
  19. PL Dominators
  20. Raven Esports
  21. Megastars Gaming
  22. Numen Gaming
  23. WindGod Esports
  24. Ghuso Esports
  25. Hydra Official
  26. GENxFM Esports
  27. Voltx Esports
  28. CS Esports
  29. Marcos Gaming
  30. Tarkin Esports
  31. Team Psyche
  32. Hyper Legends
  33. Gods Reign
  34. Dream Team Esports
  35. GlitchxReborn
  36. TCW Official
  37. Team Insane
  38. Carnival Gaming
  39. G2 Battleground
  40. Real Esports
  41. Fly Esports
  42. Youtube Skull
  43. Rivalry Esports
  44. Faith Esports
  45. FS Esports
  46. Reckoning Esports
  47. Gujarat Tigers
  48. AstroKids
  49. Team INS
  50. XNOR Esports
  51. DO OR DIE
  52. Grind One Esports
  53. Team Tamilas
  54. Team Evoke
  55. IMPRNT Esports
  56. Gamehub Esports
  57. Karunaadu Esports
  58. TMG Esports
  59. NO1 Esports
  60. WSB Gaming
  61. Autobotz Esports
  62. THW Esports
  63. ClawxPirat Esports
  64. Team 8Bit

With 68 points, Entity Gaming, captained by Saumraj, finished 17th and was only one point short of qualifying for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series’ first round. 18th place went to Orangutan Gaming with 68 points. Gods Reign, Hydra, and WinGod ranked 23, 25, and 33, respectively.

The seasoned team from Carnival Gaming, under the leadership of Omega, performed below average in the tournament, finishing 38th overall with a mere 56 points. In some way, Team 8Bit, Team Tamilas, and Gujatat Tigers guaranteed their positions in the BGIS 2024 from the Grind.

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