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Top 10 Most Played eSports Games

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eSports, or electronic sports, is a term to describe competitive video gaming playing popular games such as StarCraft, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike Competitively. Now with the rise of live tournaments all across the world, there are opportunities for eSports games players to make money without leaving their desks. Professional players can plan on making smaller wages which can go towards improving their skills and living standards in general.

In some cases, a young player may join a team and see that they are being paid as an import. The money they make will often go towards paying for the rent or making their own hardware. Along with a high skill requirement, the time commitment to become a professional eSports games player is not small. The players play at least 5 hours every day on average with some playing up to 15 hours per day.

Top 10 eSports Game

Here is a list of the top 10 eSports games that are played by most professional esports players all around the world.

League of Legends

Players competing at this game will have one main objective: destroy the enemy’s base using spells and summons that they summon from their rune locations. The winner is the last one standing after the destruction of the base’s shield and nexus. According to Riot Games, “League of Legends” is in its sixth season. In the early stages of the game, there were only 3 playable champions but now there are over 121 playable characters. With the release of each new champion, millions flood to try them out. There have already been 131 million players and it is being played by more than 27 million people every month.

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Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

This is one of the most popular cyber-sport games, in which players battle against each other with the objective of eliminating the opposing team. The game has been around since 2012 but only recently has it become an eSport. This is due to its popularity amongst online players & how difficult it is for new gamers to join in. At the moment CSGO has an enormous player base with many championships being held worldwide. There are a lot of different versions of the game, you can go and buy one from Steam or any other gaming site. The basic version is free to download, while there are also additional features that you can buy separately, so players will have access to those features when using an account on those sites.


In this first-person shooting game, players are separated into two teams: attackers and defenders. The goal is to capture strategic points in a map in order to gain objective points which can be used to win the game. The ultimate objective is to destroy the enemy base.


This graphics-heavy game, launched by Epic Games in 2017, is an adventure game that tasks players with killing each other. The game has official competitions in which teams compete, and usually once a season there is an all-star game. Fortnite was officially released on July 25th, 2017 as an early access game on Steam. It features 100 players per game, and it has a map that is four times the size of an average map in other games. The game allows both single player mode and two-player cooperative mode, so that players can compete or work together to complete the task at hand.

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StarCraft II

This iconic game first released in 1998 is set in a futuristic world and is played by a professional eSport. This game is complicated to play, especially for newcomers. It is best for anyone looking for a career in the professional gaming scene.


This graphic-heavy game is highly popular, especially among teenage boys. The game is full of major tournaments and playoffs, during which teams compete for prize money.

Dota 2

The most played game by professional players. It is a battle between two teams in which the objective is to destroy their opponent’s base, which is defended by their own base’s shield and nexus, using spells from their rune locations.

Street Fighter

The iconic game of fighting, which is played by millions of people (including top professional players) around the world, is split into ten different titles. The objective of the game is to beat your opponent (or opponents) by either knocking them out of the arena or by forcing them to play a round that ends with their avatar’s health bar being depleted.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds

It is an interesting genre of military game in which up to 100 players may fight against each other to the death. The game features realistic weapons with an emphasis on strategy, causing competition to become fiercer since the game is already difficult to begin with.


Valorant is an online multiplayer strategy RPG that takes place in a fantasy universe based on mediaeval times. Players will create their own unique avatar to partake in the game and choose a God whom they follow faithfully. In the game for Gods, players will have to fight for their Gods and prove themselves to be able to wield their powers in this fantasy version of history.

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Final Words

eSports gaming is still in its early phases and there are many opportunities for it to be shaped as a whole. As the information age advances, more people will have access to the internet and this will also make it easier for more people to play online. Companies that provide the hardware required for eSport gaming are also advancing, making it more possible for everyone to enjoy playing games. Consequently, the high level of application and efficiency of new hardware will allow for more opportunities. One such opportunity could be the interaction with artificial intelligence, in which the game system is upgraded to include a neural network or advanced machine learning capabilities. This could help improve the playability and competitiveness of players. 

Q- What are esports games?

A- Esports is the term for organised competitive video gaming, often referred to as e-Sports, e-Sports, games, or electronic sports. Teams compete against one another in tournaments with the goal of winning money.

Q- Which eSports game has the largest player base?

A-The most played Esports game is League of Legends (LoL), with more than 115 million players globally. According to the data, League of Legends (LoL) has become the most played Esport globally as of 2021, with an astounding player base of over 115 million people.

Q- What are the key factors that make an eSports game popular?

A- Three reasons for the success of esports: integration, accessibility, and affordability. The unmatched accessibility and integration of esports, as well as the entertainment value of esports events, are major factors in its appeal. Esports’ captivating audience appeal and entertainment value are other advantages.