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BMPS 2023 Grand Final : Blind Esports claim trophy with 249 points, prize pool breakdown and more

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BMPS 2023 Grand Finals: Blind Esports claim trophy with 249 points, prize pool breakdown and more

BMPS 2023 Grand Finals –

At Ahmedabad’s EKA Arena, the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA PRO SERIES (BMPS) 2023 came to an incredible end. There were about 15,000 spectators, and Team Blind Esports won. A massive INR 40 lakhs in prize money is awarded to the team. After three rigorous days of competition, this is the largest portion of the INR 1 crore prize pool. View the Day 3 Points Table for the BMPS 2023 Grand Finals below.
96 professional teams engaged in fierce competition to secure a spot in the grand finals of BMPS 2023, one of KRAFTON’s flagship Esports tournaments, which got underway in November. Following rigorous online qualifying, 16 teams advanced to the three-day LAN final where they faced off in six matches. With a total of 244 points, Team Blind Esports took first place, showcasing exceptional talent, strategy, and collaboration. Team Gladiator Esports came in second place with 211 points and INR 20 lakhs. With 174 points and INR 10 lakhs, Team Insane finished in third place.

Final Standings –

With 249 points, which included 3 chicken dinners and 121 finish points, Blind Esports took first place in the standings. After Day 1 of the competition ended, the team was ranked second, but on Day 2 of the competition, they pulled off an incredible comeback to win the title. Having scored 221 points and three chicken meals, Gladiators Esports secured the second position. With two chicken dinners and 176 points, Team iNSANE finished third.
From the beginning, Blind Esports dominated the competition, taking home six victories and 249 points (131 kills). GlitchXReborn, who ended in second place with 212 points—212 of which came from kills—followed them. Third place went to Gladiators Esports with 192 points, which included 88 kills. Fourth place finisher Team iNSANE, who won the league stage, had 186 points, including 83 kills. Team Psyche, Hydra, Entity Gaming, 8Bit x CS Esports, Revenant Esports, and Team Together Esports rounded out the top 10.


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Here is the complete list of the final standings of the BMPS 2023 Grand Finals :
Rank Team Points Kills
1 Blind Esports 249 131
2 GlitchXReborn 212 101
3 Gladiators Esports 192 88
4 Team iNSANE 186 83
5 8Bit x CS Esports 156 69
6 Revenant Esports 152 68
7 Team Psyche 144 64
8 Hydra 139 63
9 Entity Gaming 137 62
10 Team Together Esports 135 61
11 TeamXSpark 123 55
12 Autobotz Esports 121 54
13 Numen Esports 120 54
14 Growing Strong 117 53
15 Team SouL 115 52
16 GENxFM Esports 114 51

Prize Pool Distribution –

Rank Team Prize Money (INR)
1 Blind Esports 40,00,000
2 GlitchXReborn 20,00,000
3 Gladiators Esports 10,00,000
4 Team iNSANE 5,00,000
5 8Bit x CS Esports 2,50,000
6 Revenant Esports 2,50,000
7 Team Psyche 2,50,000
8 Hydra 2,50,000
9 Entity Gaming 1,00,000
10 Team Together Esports 1,00,000
11 TeamXSpark 1,00,000
12 Autobotz Esports 1,00,000
13 Numen Esports 1,00,000
14 Growing Strong 1,00,000
15 Team SouL 1,00,000
16 GENxFM Esports 1,00,000

Special Individual Awards

  • MVP – Spower (INR 3 Lakhs).
  • Best IGL – Aadi (INR 2 Lakhs).

Highlights –

BMPS 2023 Grand Finals: Blind Esports claim trophy with 249 points, prize pool breakdown and more
Image source – SportsTiger

The BMPS 2023 Grand Finals had many thrilling moments and intense battles, as the teams fought for glory and fame. Some of the highlights of the event were:

  • Blind Esports’ impressive performance, winning six out of 18 matches and securing the BMPS 2023 title with a huge margin of 37 points over the second-placed team.
  • GlitchXReborn’s comeback, climbing from the bottom of the table to the second spot, thanks to their aggressive gameplay and high kill rate.
  • Gladiators Esports’ consistency, finishing in the top five in 11 out of 18 matches and securing the third place in the overall standings.
  • Team iNSANE’s downfall, dropping from the first place in the league stage to the fourth place in the Grand Finals, due to their poor performance in the last day of the event.
  • 8Bit x CS Esports’ surprise, qualifying for the Grand Finals as the last team and finishing in the fifth place, ahead of many seasoned teams.
  • Revenant Esports’ resilience, surviving till the end in many matches and grabbing the sixth place in the final standings.
  • Team Psyche’s potential, showing their skills and talent in some matches and ending up in the seventh place in the overall rankings.
  • Hydra’s disappointment, failing to live up to their expectations and finishing in the eighth place, despite having some of the best players in the country.
  • Entity Gaming’s debut, making their mark in the BGMI scene and finishing in the ninth place in their first major tournament.
  • Team Together Esports’ improvement, performing better than their league stage results and securing the tenth place in the Grand Finals.