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CyberPeace Hosts India’s first National Conference on Online Gaming and eSports

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CyberPeace Host National Conference

CyberPeace Hosts India’s first National Conference

CyberPeace Hosts India’s first National Conference : CyberPeace and UNICEF organised the National Conference on Child Rights, Trust, Safety and Well-Being in Online Gaming and eSports in India, which was a major step towards building a safer online.

The conference provided a forum for talks on eSports, the online gaming business, and the potential and problems faced by kids.

The topic of creating an independent CyberPeace guidelines and Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) framework for the online gaming and Esports industry which aims to balance innovation, child rights, and well-being was one of the event’s key moments.

CyberPeace UNICEF

A thorough analysis of the changes in esports and online gaming patterns, along with their ramifications, was published.

In his welcoming speech, Vineet Kumar, Global President and Founder of CyberPeace, emphasised the value of child rights, wellbeing, trust, and safety in online gaming and esports as well as the conference’s goals.

A lecture on children’s health and digital gaming was given by Dr. Shuli Gilutz, Programme Officer (Child Rights & Digital Business), Business Engagement and Child Rights, UNICEF.

She emphasises on the reality that kids nowadays live digital lives and stresses the need to safeguard their wellbeing as well as provide them with assistance in staying safe and secure.

A child’s rights and viewpoint on how they are living their life are not the same as well-being. We are now concentrating on children’s e-gaming well-being.

She spoke about a UNICEF initiative aimed at promoting children’s wellbeing.

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The former chairperson of the NCPCR, the Government of India, Ms. Stuti Narain Kacker, provided insights on the regulatory environment pertaining to child rights in the online gaming industry.

She spoke about how pupils are engaging with gaming these days and what safety measures parents and children should take.

As the Indian gaming industry is global, there should be a particular format for children to play while learning something new and inventive, according to Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, Ph.D., IIT Delhi, Fr Member MAG United Nations Internet, Governance Forum.

She also brings light on the behavioural changes in children brought about by the detrimental effects of online gaming.

Parents should be aware that AI chatbots are becoming often used as pals by youngsters these days. Children should be taught responsible gaming practices to avoid situations similar to those in Blue Whale

CyberPeace : eDigital Wellbeing Navigating Challenges in Online Gaming

For the purpose of discussing eDigital Wellbeing: Navigating Challenges in Online Gaming, the conference offered a thorough forum for stakeholders to share concepts, observations, and best practices.

Ms. Vineeta Garg, a teacher at SR DAV Public School, Dr. Rajesh Sagar of AIIMS, Dr. Aparajita Bhatt, Director, Centre for Cyber Laws, National Law University, Delhi, and Ms. Stuti Narain Kacker, former chairperson of the NCPCR, Government of India, moderated the conversation.

The panel spoke about how pupils are changing and how much they adore playing video games. There was talk of several problems and their fixes.

Prominent attendees from the gaming business, academia, government, civil society, and gaming community blessed the event with their presence.

Regulating Online Gaming

Other young panellists concluded the event with a discussion on Regulating Online Gaming: Balancing Innovation and Child Protection.

Mr. Dhruv Garg, AIGF, moderated the panel, which was also attended by Mr. Peter Borges, Chairperson, SCPCR, Goa, Mr. Nisheeth Dixit, Advocate, Cyber, Supreme Court, Ms. Aditi Singh Tomar, Operational Manager, Dream eSports, India; and Shailendra Vikram Kumar, SAP, Director, National Security Governance. Shanker Jaiswal, IPS, Jt Commissioner of Police, CyPad, Delhi Police, also graced the occasion with his presence.

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